Weekly Digest (20th – 26th April)


We are almost done with April, and with the summers approaching their peak, we hope for our articles to peak too.

Newspaper Advertising Updates:

Did you know which the most famous newspapers in the world are? Find out in out blog below.

The 10 most sought after newspapers of the world

Is newspaper advertising effective anymore?

Traditional Medium of Advertising- The Perfect Solution to Businesses in India


Online Advertising Updates:

Our online advertising section features numerous blogs which encourage businesses to try out online advertising.

12 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Digital Marketing

Here’s Why You Should Choose releaseMyAd as your Digital Marketing Partners

How to Choose the Right Online Ad Agency for Your Brand

10 Reasons Why You Should Try Display Banner Advertising

The A-Z of Remarketing Ads

In-House Advertising- A Liability to Business Houses?

What Does an Online Advertising Agency Do for You?

releaseMyAd- A one-stop Advertising Solution

Radio Advertising Updates:

This week, we touch upon various radio advertising solutions, and we feature a debate regarding which is the better platform for advertising, radio or newspapers?

Newspaper advertising vs Radio Advertising- which is feasible?

Radio Advertising Solutions to Businesses via releaseMyAd

Cinema Advertising Updates:

Ever wondered how to utilize cinema advertising to give your business the boost? Find out the answer below!

How to Leverage the Power of On-screen Advertising for Businesses?

We hope you found these articles helpful and interesting. Make sure you don’t miss this week’s articles!!