releaseMyAd- A one-stop Advertising Solution for your Business


Advertising is the lifeblood of any business organization.It is the basic necessity which ensures the survival of a business in such a competitive environment.The present market scenario demands business organizations to be on top of their game or risk being overtaken by their rivals.h

No business organization is satisfied with mediocre creativity and planning.They aspire for greatness and always seek to maximise output.Efficient advertising strategies and robust planning enables them to outmatch and outperform their competitors and build a benchmark for others.”How to build an efficient brand?” might be the question in every business house’s mind.The answer to that question lies with releaseMyAd.It is an online advertising platform with the sole purpose of guiding business houses to their desired objectives.By providing easy assistance and great value to their services releaseMyAd handles the complexities of advertising with relative ease.The biggest advantage it provides businesses is of maximum exposure through various forms of advertising.If we have a look at the advertising services they provide,it will be clear why they are a cut above the rest.

  • Newspaper Advertising– Its a 3 step process which guides the user to complete the advertising booking step by step.releaseMyAd provides newspaper advertising through Classified text ad,Classified display ad,Display ads.With its vast array of newspapers,91 to be precise and tie-up with even the top 10 newspapers in India,releaseMyAd gives businesses a wide range to choose from.Booking advertisements in the top dailies helps businesses connect with their target market and maximise exposure.Even the regional dailies are helpful in connecting businesses with audiences of every aspect.Moreover,negotiable and discounted rates of advertisements are very feasible to business houses.
  • Radio Advertising– releaseMyAd provides radio advertising in 3 simple steps too.With a list of top 27 FM brands and spread over 210 major cities,releaseMyAd send business into another league.Advertisements in 16 languages including regional allows businesses to promote themselves to every state and locality.The creative team strategises every minor detail which is beneficial to the company.It provides the services of Voiceover ads,Professional jingles(created by Jingles India) or the advertiser can upload their own creative.Reasonable packages and top FM stations ensure that the advertisement prepared is heard and recognised.
  • Cinema Advertising– Cinema advertising through releaseMyAd gives business houses a very selective and exclusive audience.Since the possibilities of overlooking an advertisement is very minimal,it is a terrific platform for businesses to showcase their commercials.It is also a three way process where the business house can decide what kind of ad they desire to showcase.They can choose from Slide ad,Slide with audio and Video commercials.Each has its advantage so its upto the business firm to decide.The creative team guides them in the creative process or they can post their own creatives.
  • Online Advertising– Online advertising with the help of releaseMyAd gives organizations the advantage of online advertising placing them in the leading search engines which allows exposure to public.They even help a business in Remarketing and Website advertising.Through releaseMyAd business can create banner campaigns and target specific websites in order of their preference.Even this is a simple 3 way process,where the user can choose their perfect plan.RMA

If we note from the above discussed advertising services,the common factor among all is the 3 way process of advertising.It makes advertising really simple and hassle free.It can also be noted that releaseMyAd covers nearly all of the advertising platforms which are necessary for exclusive advertising.Thus,giving businesses ample options and scope to unleash themselves to the general audience.In simple words releaseMyAd is definitely a one stop Advertising solution for businesses.