Radio Advertising – What to Do & What Not

do's- and- dont

Why do you advertise? It is, of course, to get productive response for your products and services. With radio advertising, reaching your target buyers is easier as it provides for an extended reach.

To make any campaign a success, one must know what are the dos and don’ts associated with the same. Radio advertising is, undoubtedly, very effective, but to ensure its efficacy, the advertisers and advertising agency also need to have a proper understanding about the tricks to be followed to make a productive radio commercial.

Radio Advertising – Dos

  • Rules-to-be-followedDepict only a single theme/idea in each ad
  • Announce simple offers to get immediate response
  • Provide no-risk offers like free brochures, free information, and free estimates for generation of significant leads
  • Keep a limit to words in an advert according to the time span for which it is to be advertised. For example, keep the word length 60-70 for a 30-second commercial
  • Use this “word of mouth” medium along with other advertising, such as, through coupons. This will help your offer reach major number of people
  • Repeat the name of your company proportionately with respect to the time period of the radio commercial. Try using it at least thrice in a commercial
  • Be aware of the fact that radio advertising will work perfectly if the frequency of the commercials is high and timing is proper
  • Utilise the first five seconds of your radio ad because this is the period when your ad can attract or distract the listeners
  • Prefer reads from DJs. This will effectively grab the attention of the listeners
  • Match your ad content to those being aired on different radio stations

Radio Advertising – Don’ts

  • Don’t let your ad sound like an ad
  • Don’t expect sales through your ads, use it to build contacts
  • Avoid using bunch of disclaimers.
  • Don’t fast-talk the prospective buyers
  • Don’t use vague Jingles
  • Avoid weak poor attempts at humour
  • Stop talking about yourself and try gaining listener’s attention by telling them the benefits of your products in brief in your radio advertising.