Promote Your Business by Effective Radio Advertising


Extended reach and reduced cost are the two factors that grab the attention of marketers for radio advertising. When you decide on making an investment, you keep in mind the returns you will get on the investment you make. Isn’t it? With radio advertising, you are subject to getting better reach at least cost, which ultimately takes you to productive returns.

Radios reach people irrespective of their location – in their homes, in their cars, on the internet, in a shop or any public setting. This is what identifies the expanded reach of the medium to the target audience or target market. If the first few words used in when you produce radio commercial are impressive enough, be assured of getting the attention of your target audience. Radio script here plays a very important role as it has already been discussed in the previous blog post.

Within the ad of 30-60 seconds, you should use all the effective sound elements to engage the listener and lead him to create images in his mind according to the mood to which he is taken by this ‘theatre of the mind’ medium. Make sure whatever you say in your commercial does not sound boring or obnoxious.

In radio advertising, whatever is in the script is ‘written for ears’. There are some of the tips that you can follow when it comes to creating radio script is concerned. Before you finalize the script that any radio advertising agency sends you, make sure all the following requirements are met.

Writing for Ears Radio-Commercial

When you write for different radio commercials, there are no readers rather there are listeners to it. To make any write-up impressive for ears, it is important that you follow the following tips:

• Use conversation language as if you are talking to someone in front of you.
• Use the talking pace and not the reading pace in your script.
• Give time to listeners to think and announcers to breathe about what you are advertising; include pauses.
• Avoid using ‘therefore’, ‘moreover’, etc. from your conversation.
• Don’t use elaborated sentences. Be specific and to-the-point.
• Convey your contact information through radio advertising so that they quickly proceed with their buying or availing process.