Newspaper Media provides a haven for Individual Property Deal Solutions according to Ameya Joshi from Mumbai

Ameya Joshi

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Know our Customer” helps us solve issues faced by our clients, make amends in our system, highlight the strengths and features of a medium of advertising, improve our services and above all communicate on one-to-one basis with our customers. Through this section we understand our customers and attempt to convey that how newspaper as a medium has aided their purpose or need for advertising.

Ameya Joshi is a Project Manager at a reputed IT services company in Mumbai used Newspaper as an advertising medium for the sale of his individual property located in Mumbai itself. His requirement was more for private reasons rather than for any business purposes. He needed to sell his Andheri, Mumbai flat and selected Newspaper as his medium to reach out to prospective & potential buyers without the help of brokers. This was an urgent requirement for him and he had placed his adverts almost more than 2 years ago.

His experience with Newspaper advertising and the end results of the same have been summarized in this particular Case Study. The insights provided Mr. Joshi has enabled us to know about how newspaper advertising is one of the best and most hassle free mediums to attract property buyers.

Q. Could you please tell us something about yourself?

A. Well, I am currently working in the IT sector as a Project Manager at LearningMate in Mumbai, Maharashtra. But the requirement I had was more personal than professional. I needed to sell my Andheri flat as soon as possible and move into a new place of my choice.

Q. What made you take the decision to choose Newspaper as your medium of advertisement?

A. The reason I felt the need to advertise in a newspaper is due to its reach, regionally as well as nationally and the genuineness of prospective buyers. All my family and friends have always opted for newspapers as a medium to reach out to genuine buyers and even sellers when it comes to serious transactions like Property, Matrimony and all. Hence, this induced my faith in newspaper advertising which in turn led me to advertise in Newspaper

Q. Did you have any specific target audience in mind while advertising in the newspaper?

A. To be honest, I barely had any specific target audience in mind, simply because this was more of an individual and personal transaction rather than a business deal. All I preferred was to have genuine and legal buyers for my property as I simply wanted to stay away from any unnecessary trouble or issues.

Q. How effective did Newspaper advertising prove for your Property Sale? If required would you use newspaper as an advertising medium again?

A. In my opinion, Newspaper as a medium provides a Haven for Property selling and buying. I think Newspapers provide a simple solution for such individual Property Deals. All you have to do is give an ad in a preferred newspaper and relax, while waiting for the responses. Given an opportunity or if required I would surely use Newspaper as a medium to advertise in with no qualms.

Q. Why did you go for an online portal such as releaseMyAd to book your newspaper ad?

A. Honestly, when I had booked my first advertisement for a newspaper online, was the first and only online portal

Newspaper Ads for Property

available for booking ads online in any newspaper. It was an idea of which releaseMyAd was the pioneer which resolved a lot of issues that my relatives and friends had faced earlier. Online newspaper ad booking saved a lot of time and unnecessary hassles experienced with local third party agents.

Q.How was your experience with releaseMyAd’s online ad booking portal?

A. The webpage is really easy to navigate and the booking procedure is really simple. Any person with a little bit of knowledge about the internet can easily release their ads online through releaseMyAd. The most engaging and interesting section of the website was the Compose Advertisement page. Every feature starting with enabling me to view the number of words used in my ad while creating the same, the ad enhancements, the design templates as well as the Live Ad Preview Feature were simply excellent and extraordinary. The previewing ad feature made it easier for me to enhance my own advertisement for better visibility among other classified ads.

The releaseMyAd team would really love to express our gratitude to Mr. Ameya Joshi for sharing his valuable time with us for giving such a positive feedback on newspaper advertising and releaseMyAd as a newspaper ad booking portal. To get a firsthand experience of the services provided by us, please visit the following web page: origin-of-newspaper-advertising