Radio-a reminder medium


Radio taken to “old” media has become a resort to other media platforms.Radio has become the vital complimentary media mix element in most ad campaigns to get better results.

“Radio is like vodka, you can mix it with any drink, and you can enjoy his vodka anywhere.” says Prashant Panday Executive Director & CEO, ENIL . Radio is taken up to be reminder medium in most of the radio campaigns. The massive MNC’s like Airtel, Vodafone, Tata, Nissan, , OLX, quickr are the popular steady radio clients. These big names have made radio advertising an inevitable part of all their ad campaigns. On analysis we see that they have been using radio not only for greater market penetration and expansion but also to create top of mind awareness about the brand amongst the

  • Radio being a personal, emotional and intimate media it stands as a substratum to other media campaigns. Radio is estimated to have a listenership base of 158 million people last year, an unavoidable fact to neglect.
  • Almost 30% people listen to radio surfing online , around 40% people have said that they visit websites when prompted through radio. Experts claim that when 10% of a online media budget is allocated into radio boosts brand browsing by 52%. When 10% of a given TV budget is re-allocated  onto radio, the effectiveness of the campaign in building awareness increases on average by 15%.Outdoor and radio as a medium procreate higher levels of frequency, remitting multiple executions to audience. It ensures the creation of new brand associations faster than a single isolated medium.
  • In times of economic decline, when radio budgets are being slashed down, advertisers towards radio as a means of resort, due to its low cost. The era has seen a very critical inverse relation between radio and financial slowdown, as expensive media budget have been allocated to radio, as other medias have been substituted for radio.
  • The primary reason of radio being a reminder medium is its portability feature, it is the last thing a person could be listening just prior to his purchase. It influences customer’s decision making process and buying behaviour. Radio is fun medium and is amazing to see the ad relentlessly performing in different formats and having personal influence on audience. This personal touch is what differentiates it from other media and makes it stand as a support.

It is a reasonable priced medium but that does not restrict it to being only a SME ad tool , even the biggest of corporate have radio as a part of their promotion mix.

Radio revives senses and emotions, something which other mediums lack, bringing the audience’s imagination to life and taking him into an exciting new experience of his own. This dimension of radio makes it prime need for any successful ad campaign.

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