Women in record numbers register in Taponomics self-defence classes after Fever FM ads


Taponomics is the best place to learn self-defense, Judo, Karate, Boxing, Wrestling, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, etc. in Kolkata. The institute also trains you for Mixed Martial Arts Tournaments and design fight sequences in movies and telly-dramas. Taponomics employs ex-students and tournament champions to train. The training centre aims to define ‘women’s safety in their own hands’. Taponomics believes in the ‘Right to Fight’ for the right cause.


As a new venture, Taponomics needed to introduce itself in Kolkata. The institute had given us very clear objectives:

  • Introduce Taponomics to Kolkata and explain how important self-defense is.
  • Drive people to enrol in Taponomics classes.


Taponomics chose releaseMyAd based on good recommendations. And, we ensured to keep our reputation for taking into account the client’s budgetary guidelines.

The Ad Campaign

Our team of experts realised Taponomics main USP would be self-defense and with International Women’s around the block we decided to plan our ad campaign around women and self-defense. An aggressive radio ad campaign for 30 days was chosen for our target groups of women and young adults in the age group of 12 to 42.

fever-fmWe zeroed in on Fever FM of Kolkata to carry our promotional message as it has a large number of our target audiences forming its listenership base.

We prepared a promotional chat recording for the ad. The duration of this ad was 20 seconds. We also primed an abridged version of the ad for 10 seconds. Our team chose Fever FM to promote Taponomics based on its strong female fan following.

We ran the 20 seconds ad for the first 20 days of the campaign. This helped us to establish Taponomics in the hearts and minds of Kolkata. Its distinctive reference to women’s safety and self-defense rang a bell with the target audiences. The ads were run 10 times throughout the day making sure to reach women and their caring family and friends.

We made sure to reach our target groups for a full month with the same frequency. Although for the last 10 days we used the abridged version of the ad. This abridged ad mentioned clearly the discounts on the course fees for students who enrolled before 8th March, International Women’s Day.


Taponomics gained immensely from this month-long ad campaign on Fever FM. Within the first week of the campaign, they reported an increase in their enrolments. Before International Women’s Day

  • Taponomics gained more than 74% enrolments in their self-defense classes alone.
  • For Judo, Karate and Taekwondo they got more than 66% registrations.
  • The other martial arts classes too had more than 50% admissions.

The most heartening part of the ad campaign was the enrolment of more than 90% women in the self-defense classes.


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