Ujjivan Enterprises expands clientele in Bangalore with ads in Fever FM


About the Company

Ujjivan Enterprises is one of the largest microfinance institutions in the country. It operates from Bangalore on a ‘joint liability group lending model’. Their model is heavily derived from the Grameen model of microfinance. Ujjivan Enterprises has a huge network ranging across 21 states and 3 union territories that perform through 469 centres. It has impacted 2 million lives in urban, rural and semi-urban India. It began as an organisation which helps urban poor meet financial needs for micro-enterprises, home improvement, education & emergencies in 2005.

Need for Advertising

Ujjivan Enterprises was looking to increase its portfolio and customer base when it felt the need for brand recognition.  They needed an ad campaign which would catapult their brand to the highest echelons. Advertising became a necessity for Ujjivan Enterprises.

Ad Agency

The company was looking for an advertising partner which would understand their needs and function in accordance with their guidelines. releaseMyAd fitted the requirements of Ujjivan Enterprises perfectly with its strict adherence to client briefings.

Advertising Objectives

Ujjivan Enterprises expected to gain brand recognition through the ad campaign and increase its customer base in the city.

Our Strategy

The releaseMyAd team first decided on the target groups. Since our clients served a variety of purposes such as micro-enterprise, home improvement, education and emergencies their target audiences too were vast. Men and women between the ages 18 to 50 formed the core target group of Ujjivan Enterprises.

Since we were targeting the lower income groups across urban and semi-urban areas of Bangalore, we decided to use radio ads. Radio Ads appealed to us based on the following facts:

  • Radios are cheap and easily maintainable. Their economic presence has popularised them immensely with our target audiences.
  • Radio Ads have an omnipresent quality to them. Wherever they are played, people in its vicinity cannot help but hear them. Radio ads are a great alternative for invading the hearing senses of your target groups.
  • Radio programmes are with their own loyal followings, thus advertising in any one of them is sure to get you all the audiences for that particular presentation.

We chose Fever FM for our purpose based on its listenership demography and got a 30-second ad made for the campaign. The ad depicted the positive impact that Ujjivan Enterprises had on the lives of urban and semi-urban poor. We ran the campaign for 10 days with a frequency of 15 times daily. The ad was made in Hindi so that it appealed to the cosmopolitan population in the urban conglomerate of Bangalore.


Ujjivan Enterprises gained immensely with this ad campaign. Their clientele soared by 37% in Bangalore’s urban areas and 43% in the semi-urban areas.


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