Radio ads with releaseMyAd helps entrepreneurship contest get record number of entries


Haywards 5000 sponsored Hausley ki Udaan is a new initiative by the Haywards group to give young entrepreneurs of India wings to soar into the sky of their dreams. Hausley Ki Udaan is a contest for new startups organised by Haywards Hausla Buland Academy. As the academy is known for inspiring and mentoring new entrepreneurs, so was this contest designed to do. Contestants were to present their business plan to be judged by a panel of celebrated startup kings who will eventually monitor and facilitate their project. The winner gets to take home $22K approximately 15 lakhs Indian Rupees to boost their entrepreneurship venture.


The Hausley ki Udaan contest was carried out in 10 cities in 5 states across the nation. Pondicherry, Secunderabad,  Amrawati, Nagpur, Gurgaon, Rohtak, Hisar, Mohali and Ludhiana all hosted an event for the contest. The main challenge for the Haywards group was to overcome the lingual diversity involved in advertising the events.

Advertising Objectives

The event management team for Hausley ki Udaan contacted us with clear advertising objectives. They intended to

  •         Primarily, get more participants to register for the contest,
  •         Get youngsters to attend the event, and
  •         Add fuel to the entrepreneurship urges of the Indian youth
  •         Raise awareness about the newly established Hausla Buland Academy

They wanted us to begin ad campaigns for Nagpur and Pondicherry in the local languages.

Ad Strategy

Since Hausley ki Udaan was a well-researched event our target groups were already set by our paymasters. We just had to devise a way to reach young entrepreneurs in the age bracket of 21 to 35.

We decided to go fRadio-Benneror radio ads based on the profile of its listeners in Nagpur and Pondicherry. The decision was made as radio is a major source of entertainment for youngsters in both the cities. Also, radio has an omnipresent quality which makes radio ads hard to ignore.

Our team was instructed to get the ads in local languages – Marathi and Tamil. Thus, we got the radio ad made according to our client brief. The Marathi ad to be played in Nagpur was of 18 seconds and the Tamil one for Pondicherry 20 seconds. We also got an abridged version for the Tamil ad of 16 seconds.

As Radio Mirchi is the topmost radio station in Nagpur, our team got 12 slots for 12 days at the station. We chose the peak hours to advertise in the Orange city.

For Pondicherry, we partnered with Suryan FM (Red FM). Here, we decided to phase our ad campaign in two parts. The first stage ran for 5 days with the 20 seconds ad. We booked 9 slots daily for this segment. The second part of the campaign ran for 7 days with the 16 seconds ad. This ad featured 14 times daily throughout the day in Pondicherry. This ad campaign remains one of our most successful campaigns in the city.


Once the events were over, the releaseMyAd team was congratulated because Nagpur and Pondicherry registered the maximum number of entries to the contest.

  • Nagpur registered more than 10% attendees when compared to the average of the other cities.
  • Pondicherry reported a 15% rise in attendance when compared to Nagpur.
  • Also, Pondicherry registered the most number of contestants.


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