How releaseMyAd orchestrated the success of Sawansukha Jewellers’ campaign for Eastern India

Sawansukha releaseMyAd Campaign


Sawansukha has been one of the leading jewellers across India for two centuries and has a presence in West Bengal for the last four decades. It introduced innovative and international design, promotional techniques and service concepts in its industry to this region. Its operation includes wholesale, design, manufacture, retailing and exports with an award-winning gold and diamond collection. In order to maintain its position as the industry leader in Eastern India and to promote its recently launched collection, it hired releaseMyAd to frame a media plan for it.


  • Brand Reinforcement
  • Maintaining Market Share


Research – Our research revealed that Sawansukha had firmly established as a jeweller offering premium quality products and hence it catered mainly to a niche target market. As it is, jewellery in itself is an industry whose products cannot target every stratum of the society; Sawansukha’s target market was further limited to the absolute cream of the society.

releaseMyAd faced a choice of whether to concentrate on the above target market or to try and enter a new market. Our discussion with the client yielded the fact that Sawansukha was not interested in lowering its prices as it was concerned that would lower the prestige of the brand. Jewellery being a luxury product, the prestige of the brand was an important factor for purchase for a lot of high-end consumers. Hence, we decided to target only the upper middle class or the affluent class of consumers via cinema advertising. We decided to advertise in the poshest multiplexes of Kolkata and Siliguri as they were the only two cities in West Bengal having a Sawansukha retail outlet. Sawansukha wanted to target all the top tier multiplexes across these two cities, it wanted to play the ad in all the screens across the multiplexes unless the screen size was less than 150. So the campaign ended up targeting 17 screens across 6 multiplexes and 2 cities. Advertising at smaller multiplexes seemed a waste of resources for our clients as they did not attract the sort of viewers who could potentially be customers for Sawansukha.

The aspirational nature of the Sawansukha brand was further put to use with magazine ads in the Wedding Times, Sananda, and Grihasobha. The magazines were chosen based on their reach and introduced the product in a new market. The Sawansukha brand of jewellery in this new market took the expected aspirational nature and furthered the brand’s cause.

We gave Sawansukha one of our special discount plans because of the scale of the order and they got a whopping rebate of around INR 43000.

Media Plan – The media plan was set within the following parameters

  • Advertising Type – Cinema  and Magazine Advertising
  • Location – Kolkata & Siliguri
  • Demographic – Upper-Class Consumers
  • Multiplex – In Kolkata Salt Lake City Center (Screens 2 & 3), Forum Mall (All Screens), Quest Mall (Screens 2, 3 & 4), South City Mall (Screens 3 & 4), Avani Riverside Mall (Screens 2 & 3) and in Siliguri Matigara City Center (All Screens)
  • Magazines – Wedding Times, Sananda, and Grihasobha
  • Ad Duration – 20-second audio slides before and during movie screenings for 30 days
  • Magazine Ad in English body copy with stunning visuals.
  • Language – English was the preferred language as we were pretty confident that the audience we were targeting would be quite comfortable with it. Even for the magazine ads we decided to keep the language English so as to maintain the aspirational value of the product.

Creative – The twenty-second audio slide gave a greater scope to our creative team to push its message to the potential customers than a ten-second mute slide would have provided. Our team used it to create a jingle befitting the product personality, a tune that was classy without being overbearing. It also contained a voiceover where a husband narrated his experience about how happy his wife was when he gifted her diamond ring from Sawansukha on their anniversary night. The feel good nature of the voiceover along with the melodic jingle ensured it captured the attention of the viewing audience.

The magazine ad was austere with one of their most magnificent jewellery pieces adorning the centre and just the brand name and outlet address to accompany it.


The success of the campaign could be easily inferred from the following observations

  • The newly launched collection proved to be an immediate success and had been outselling other lines of jewellery that the retailer sold, ever since its launch.
  • Out of the three retail outlets in Kolkata, two had registered an increase in footfalls while the other had maintained its usual traffic while Siliguri too had seen an increase in the number of prospective buyers which further demonstrated the importance of the campaign.
  • The demand for diamond products rose above the demand for gold products (usually it’s the other way around) for a period of one month after the campaign which was a result of our ad’s focus on the diamond ring and the husband-wife story that we told.

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