Policy Bachat claims a lion’s share in Vizag insurance market with Radio Ads


Company Profile

policy-bachat-radio-adsPolicy Bachat is your destination for buying insurance policies. With its tagline of ‘Shop Insurance For Less’, this company headquartered in Hyderabad lets its consumers select insurance policies from over 30 top insurance companies. Policy Bachat reveals the secrets to buying profitable insurance policies and expects all its customers to benefit from them. Comparing, Compiling and Cherry-picking your insurance policy is super easy for your cars and two-wheelers with Policy Bachat. The company offers the benefits of cherry-picking insurances for health and life cover along with travel insurance for Indians travelling abroad.

Advertising Objectives

Policy Bachat wanted to increase its consumer base in Vizag after Hyderabad. Their main concern was to paint a positive picture of Policy Bachat in the Vizag sky and inform their target groups of the current discounts and offers. In the long run, the company expected to increase sales in Vizag, thereby earning a high return on investment.


Ad Brief

releaseMyAd was chosen by Policy Bachat based on solid recommendations and previous ad campaigns. They gave us a clear brief

  • Create an ad campaign which would generate buzz about Policy Bachat in Vizag.
  • Increase identification of the company and website visits.
  • Escalate Sales.


Our major problem was to differentiate the name of Policy Bachat to our target audiences because the name sounds extremely similar to another insurance comparison website called Policy Bazaar. However, with hindsight we can say our worries were baseless as our creative team ensured we had no reason to worry.

Our Strategy

Our first stop was to drad-ads-vizagetermine the Target Groups for Policy Bachat. Our team realised since we were dealing with insurance sellers for cars and two-wheelers, health and foreign-going students; we had to target affluent class, upper-middle-class and the middle-class people between the ages 25 to 55.

We picked up radio ads as we were targeting a large variety of people and Radio was the only common factor between all the target groups. Moreover, radio ads are difficult to avoid when playing in the vicinity.

Since Vizag is a cosmopolitan urban conglomerate, we ensured to create 2 radio commercials each in English as well as Telugu for the migrants and locals. These ads were of 10 seconds and 20 seconds duration respectively. Both informed about the prevailing discounts and offers in Vizag. The commercial informed listeners how to get the best deals with Policy Bachat.

We chose to manoeuvre the ads across three of the most popular radio stations in Vizag – Radio Mirchi, Big FM and Radio City. We played all the 4 ads simultaneously across these radio stations for 3 days. We chose the peak-hours to advertise Policy Bachat as people commuting to and from work/ studies were more prone to taking an interest in a car, two-wheeler, and health and travel insurance ads. This is because these things are of their personal interest.


Policy Bachat remains one of our most popular radio ad campaigns in south India. Our ad campaign for Policy Bachat gave the following results

  • Website visits from Vizag increased by 1000%.
  • Actual car insurance and two-wheeler insurance sale surged by 43% and 68% in Vizag.
  • Sales of both health and life insurance policies increased by 32% and 65% in the city.
  • Travel insurance catering specifically to migrating Indian students rose by 15% in Vizag.

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