Newspaper Advertising makes Educational Institutes reach out to Inaccessible Places-IMTTI, Director

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Know our Customer’ is a very special initiative for releaseMyAd.  It is one of the favourite sections of our entire team. This is simply because, “Know our Customer” helps us solve issues faced by our clients, make amends in our system, highlight the strengths and features of a medium of advertising, improve our services and above all communicate on one-to-one basis with our customers. Through this section we understand our customers and attempt to convey that how newspaper as a medium has aided their purpose or need for advertising.

For releaseMyAd it is a pleasure to actually be associated with reputed Education Institutes like IMTTI-International Montessori Teacher’s Training Institute. It has attained quite a name for itself and has attained International and Global Recognition as it is accredited by the IAO-International Accreditation Organisation, USA, which is an international private education accrediting governing body.  IAO covers both online/distance learning courses in colleges, universities schools, private yet renowned coaching centres etc. Mr. Sudev Sachan, Director of IMTTI stresses on the advantages of the alliance between traditional advertising media such as Newspaper and a digital platform serving as a medium to help advertise in Newspapers.

Q. What is it that your Institute does? Please help us know you better.

Montessori Teacher’s Training Institute Ad

A. International Montessori Teacher’s Training Institute also referred to as IMTTI is a teacher’s training organisation, which is now internationally recognized as it is accredited by IAO. Being the director of the institution, I intended to create a helpful and supportive diploma course for people across India, who are interested in making a career in teaching Montessori children.

The organisation was established in 2004 and we began with providing courses for training teachers to be able to be an integral part of Montessori education in India. We provide a diploma course of 1 year at our institute with a Certification Diploma Certificate at the end of the course, enabling the pass outs to proceed with their careers.

Q. What was your marketing objective?

A. The marketing objective was simple for IMTTI, we simply wanted to make people aware of our brand and promote ourselves in different parts of the country. As we have almost 360 study centres across India, it was essential for people to know about the location and presence of our institute at a place near them. We needed and wanted to acquire as many students as possible for different regions of India, even remote areas. We advertised in Television, radio as well as Newspapers for reaching out to maximum people.

Q. Who was your target audience?

A. Well, to be honest, anyone could be a part of the courses we provide in our institute. But we wanted to reach out mainly to 10+2 graduate students, house-wives looking for a comfortable career in educating children, people looking for a job-oriented or professional course. This is more or less the audience we wanted to appeal and rest there are a lot of people who wanted to make a full—fledged career out of teaching Montessori children, so they automatically came to us to avail the course.

Future Montessori teachers attending classes at IMTTI

A. There are many regions in India, where people do not rely on Television ads or do not even have television for that matter but are getting education. Newspapers, especially regional newspapers reach out to such remote areas. People still rely much more on Newspaper advertisements in such less accessible areas and we have quite a few study centres in such semi-rural regions. So we had to have newspaper as a medium of advertising and though the responses weren’t as good as expected from urban or developed regions, the number of responses received from such remote areas was quite high.

Newspaper advertising is an essential and important medium of advertising on any given day in India; hence it is unquestionable that we shall continue to use it as an important medium for advertising.

Q. Why did you choose to book your newspaper ads through an online portal such as releaseMyAd?

A. For starters, online portals are quick and save a lot of time. The reason I chose is that everything is transparent on the website. The newspaper ad rates are directly available, there are no hidden charges, and I do not have to negotiate anything with anyone or get into unnecessary arguments and hassles. I can simply review the ad rates and plan my budget accordingly.

In short I can plan, create, book and get my ad published in my own way without any other unnecessary intervention. It is simple and problem free, no complications at all.

Montessori Training Classes with children’s art

Q. How was your experience with releaseMyAd while you were booking the advertisement?

A. It was wonderful! I really appreciate the efforts that you are making. Your attempt at simplifying a complex and time-consuming process is really commendable.

Though once one of my ads was missed and did not get published, due to lack of space in the newspaper from the publications end, the issue was handled and taken care of beautifully by the Customer Service Team. The same ad was rebooked for the same newspaper and I was also offered 2 ads in place of one as a solution to the issues faced by me. All in all, your services are really excellent. Keep it up.

All that can be said to Mr. Sudev is that the organisation is beyond grateful to him for providing such great reviews to us and our services. We are really glad to have been able to solve his issues. We must also thank him for providing us with his precious time and helping us complete the survey with such great success.

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