B2B ecommerce marketplace extends its consumer base through effective newspaper advertising

b2b-ecommerce-marketplace-for-construction-industry-newspaper ads

Company Profile

With the catchy tagline, our E-Commerce  set up its online marketplace in April 2015. A view to innovatively elucidate holistic solutions to consumers looking out for cost effective alternatives to design their dream abode made the  organisation take to task the procedure of procuring construction materials, products, and services. Refurbishing and redesigning your home, just got more simplified and smarter!

When you are looking for a contractor or architect to build your dream abode and you do not have an idea about the quality, quantity and ideal cost of the construction material your home needs this online portal as your one-stop solution. You can overcome the ambiguities of planning, executing and budgeting your dream project. The common man builds his memories around his ‘home’ but lacks the know-how of optimal material and service quality and cost. Thus, with our e-commerce company you not only build your home but you also build your dreams. The company embodies the values of simple and transparent buying, with a view to unify our ecosystem.

By 2020, it aims to become India’s largest marketplace for suppliers and consumers in construction, finishes and interiors segments.

con-structionNeed for a startup to advertise

To heighten its reach, the start-up needed a trustworthy platform from where it could launch its brand awareness program. New in the ambit of providing construction supplies and services, it needed a stellar showcase of its brand to tap the consumer base looking out for an architect or a construction material, on the go.

A strong communication base had to be developed between the company and its target audience. releaseMyAd, being a startup itself, tied up with this Bangalore based startup to help it strategize its ad campaign by providing and organizing the required ad space.

Identifying the target audience

For the success of any ad campaign, the stepping stone is always identifying the target audiences correctly. Since this is an enterprise that makes the task to procuring construction materials, products and services easy, advertising for this specific interest group is quite a task.

Construction business heads, people looking forward to building their new home, Interior Decorators, people interested in revamping their homes and, in general, interested in the construction business were to be its major customers.

Thus, we zeroed in on people in the 30 to 60 age groups.

Why newspaper advertising for mSupply?

Since times immemorial, newspapers have been responsible for credible and in-depth reporting on local, regional, national and global issues every day.  Studies reveal that consumers are most likely to believe in ads published in newspapers. The target audience newspapers cater to ranges far and wide across age and class. Also, as newspapers begin to be available online, the youth are being absorbed into the realm of their target group.

For a startup which is also an online marketplace of construction goods and services, it is essential to address a wide target audience. The main asset  of newspaper advertising is that people can come back to it as many times as they want to. Also, no other medium of advertising has such a wide range of social penetration.

The ‘releaseMyAd Media Plan’

As we designed the campaign for a construction related business, we booked ads in Property Times of Bangalore. releaseMyAd identified with the fresh vibe of the company trying to initiate planning and budgeting of the common man’s dream residence and guided it to the cost effective and smart choice of advertising in newspapers.

We made sure the ad was appealing and served all the required information. It appeared where it was most noticeable in the Property Times.

We also decided to book an ad space in the Property Expo of Bangalore. The Property Expo ad was an impossible to miss huge display that grabbed eyeballs at the Expo. This gave us the much needed exposure and created a strong Brand image.

Result achieved through the releaseMyAd media campaign

Every other individual or an enterprise require a roof over their heads to begin with. A newspaper ad campaign of massive extent helped our startup to get the ideal launchpad, to popularize its online marketplace through releaseMyAd. The company could tap the relevant target group through newspaper advertising, which in this case ranged far and wide from residences to offices to schools. Advertising effectively, initiated an impressive turnover for the company.  

The company reported more direct leads and frequent order confirmations.

For successful advertising campaigns, you can contact releaseMyAd at 09830688443 or write to us at enquiry@releasemyad.com.