BFIT boosts student enrolments from Uttar Pradesh with Cinema Ads


Institute Profile

BFIT is one of the premier educational institutes in northern India. They offer popular undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as professional courses like BBA, MBA, MCA, etc. Spread across acres of beautiful land in Dehradun, the institute has been the guiding light in the lives of students since 2002. BFIT is known across the northern valleys of India for the best student to staff ratio. Also, a number of foreign national students make their way to BFIT which gives you an opportunity to make friends and experience different cultures across the world through their eyes. BFIT has most of its Indian students enrolling from Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh.


During admissions of 2014, the institute noticed a fall in the number of students from Uttar Pradesh by 18%. BFIT also observed that no female students from Uttar Pradesh have enrolled in 2014’s postgraduate program. As the trend followed into 2015 with fewer students applying from Uttar Pradesh, BFIT decided to take action.

They contacted releaseMyAd, the top rated online advertising portal which helps you to advertise in your chosen medium. BFIT found advertising with us extremely convenient as they could advertise in Uttar Pradesh sitting in the neighbouring state of Uttarakhand.


The main objective for BFIT was to reach out to the students aspiring for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and increase students enrolments. They also expected to drive wider recognition across Uttar Pradesh. BFIT wanted to educate the general public, especially parents about the importance of girls’ higher education.

BFIT decided to target the 18 to 25 age group and their parents.

Strategy by releaseMyAd

pvr-cinema-advertisementsOur team employs research statistics to create the perfect ad campaigns for you. We chose to advertise BFIT in PVR Cinemas across Uttar Pradesh based on

  • Most of PVR’s clientele is from affluent families and youngsters who come under our target group.
  • This multiplex chain ensures the perfect ambience for its viewers. This enhances the effect of Cinema Ads. Our aim was to create an ad that would focus on the superior infrastructure, staff and quality of education available at BFIT. And we needed the audience’ focus to deliver our message.

Cinema ads are known to be more conducive for audience reception due to fewer distractions at the venue.

As BFIT wanted to promote higher education for girls too through this campaign we ensured to get an ad film which portrayed their mission. A 45 sec ad film was created to deliver the message at movie intervals for maximum exposure by the audience. The ad film relayed the importance of higher education in life and how BFIT readies you to face the professional world.

The campaign was run in major cities of Uttar Pradesh for just 2 weeks when positive results were seen.

Impact and results

By the time these two weeks were closing in and admissions began at BFIT, they had started to get enquiries for admission from the cities (where the ad was shown). Some queries were from adjoining areas of these cities too. Furthermore, a lot of queries came for the admission of female students and security of the girls hostels.

At the time of admissions, the following observations were made

  • Total admissions from Uttar Pradesh had increased by 23% when compared to all time data.
  • Female students from Uttar Pradesh had enrolled in record numbers. Combining all the postgraduate courses some 300+ women from UP have taken admissions in BFIT.

The BFIT campaign remains one of our many successful ad campaigns, although its emphasis on higher education for the girl child keeps it closer to our hearts.

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