Admissions rise by 15.6% in Pixelloid Training through cinema advertising


The idea of Pixelloid Training dawned on the masters of Pixelloid Studios Pvt Ltd when they couldn’t locate enough talents to work in their world-class VFX and Animation studio. Pixelloid Studio is the favourite Special Effect creators of the Telugu film and television industry. The training school has put their studio and regular projects to good use for training students.

Pixelloid Training imparts professional course in three states – Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka. Their projects range from big budget Cinemas to ads, telly shows, and games. Most pass-outs are absorbed in Pixelloid Studios itself and others find placement in top graphic studios of Indian and international fame.


Pixelloid Training is one of the top academies for animation and visual effects in Hyderabad. Their Guntur branch is the sole one for animation and VFX training but they had no takers in Vijayawada, Vizag or Bangalore. The bosses at the training school were trying to connect with the affluent youth in the 18 to 25 age margins for enrolments at their VFX and animation academy. But failed miserably in these three cities.

They located releaseMyAd based on recommendations and assurances.  

Our Task

Pixelloid Training had cut out the task for us. Their demand was simple. Increase admissions in Bangalore, Vizag & Vijayawada centres and do not go overboard with the budget.

Our Research

Our team began the groundwork for Pixelloid Training with thorough research of the VFX and animation inox-adstraining market in the aforementioned cities. In Hyderabad, Pixelloid was a common name and their institute a homespun institution which made movies for their beloved Telugu film fraternity. Guntur, on the other hand, had only Pixelloid for training artists in animation and visual effects. Thus, getting students here was not an issue.

But Vijayawada, Vizag and Bangalore had no lack of reputed training institutes. MAAC, Arena, ICAT, WLC etc. are some of the big names that offer degrees in animation and VFX.

Our Strategy

To succeed in these cities, we needed to bring out Pixelloid Training’s best asset. Their Studio. Thus, we framed our campaign around their popular studio. We knew only Pixelloid had a working studio among its competitors. Pixelloid Studios is the one-stop destination for quality visual effects and animations in the Telugu film and television industry.

We opted for Cinema Ads in multiplexes to arrest the attention of our target groups who frequent these entertainment outlets. Moreover, audiences are more likely to recall the ads shown in a movie hall as the ambience is more conducive to reception of the ads. We expected the VFX in the movies to induce keen interest among the viewers to take up this profession.

Keeping this fact in mind, we began designing our media plan. We selected

  • PVR Cinemas in Ripples Mall, Vijayawada.
  • INOX at CMR Central, Vizag.
  • INOX in JP Nagar, Bangalore.
  • INOX in Forum Mall at Koramangala, Bangalore.

The multiplexes were chosen on factors like proximity to a Pixelloid Training centre, footfalls every week and the movies playing during the ad campaign. We wanted good use of animation and visual effects in them to get to the future anime & VFX professionals

The Commercial

The ad was a 20-second commercial which brought out the main USP of Pixelloid Training and their students at Pixelloid Studios Pvt Ltd. Our ad pictured Pixelloid as the hotspot for visual effects in Telugu Films and training with them makes you industry-ready.

The ad was played at the movie intervals and dispelled queries like the trainer to pupil ratio, infrastructure, and placements. Our team suggested Pixelloid Training displays the skills of its students through this ad. This bet workeon-screen-pvr-advertisementd out in our favour as viewers were enamoured with the combined assault of animation and VFX on their visual senses.

The Campaign

We divided our campaign into two stages. The initial stage saw us advertising in all the auditoriums of the chosen multiplexes for a month. We got the bulk of our targets at this stage itself, as Pixelloid Training from all the three cities reported increased enquiries for their courses from the first week itself.

As the first stage ended, our clients sent us positive reviews and we began the phase after a gap of two weeks. This time, we again chose the same multiplexes and ran our ads for a week. This served as a reminder cue to the audiences.

Results Reported

Pixelloid Training was extremely pleased with the results. They reported

  • Increased queries in Pixelloid Training centres of Bangalore, Vizag & Vijayawada.
  • 15.6% more admissions in Bangalore.
  • 19% increased enrolments in Vijayawada.
  • In Vizag, Pixelloid had to add an extra batch to accommodate all the students queued up for enrolment.

Impact on releaseMyAd

The successful ad campaign for Pixelloid Training has led to many more positive references for releaseMyAd.

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