releaseMyAd aided a leading Pharmaceutical brand to optimize it’s media spend in Brand Capital. Find out how.


A leading healthcare online pharmaceutical brand entered into a Brand capital deal and questioned themselves

  1. Are my ad rates competitive?
  2. Are my operating rates benchmarked against category?
  3. Is my agency negotiating the best deal?

Also, there are multiple other issues faced by brand capital advertisers which are unique to their category. Some of these issues are advertisers being new to advertising and not having a clue about the operating rates, do not possess the required negotiation skills, among others. Figuring that out they required the services of a media buying agency, they collaborated with releaseMyAd to execute their brand capital campaigns. releaseMyAd highlighted to them the difference of rate procurement between traditional agencies vs how we approach and manage the best deals.  

Our media buying strategy is significantly different from those of traditional agencies and is designed in a way that guarantees higher ROI on each ad deal.










By employing smart media strategy, the pharma brand, therefore, got much lower and negotiated rates than what was initially quoted to them.

How releaseMyAd aided in media buying and helped slash prices from the initial quoted rate can be demonstrated through the following example:

Collaborating with releaseMyAd can empower your Brand capital deal significantly by helping your brand catapult into success and guaranteeing lowest media ad rates. Our chief USP’s are-

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