A media buying agency can boost up your Brand Capital deal significantly. Want to know how?


Advertising your product in the modern society is an imperative tool that one must employ to primarily make his customers aware of his brand and services. In today’s world, many unique methods have developed to capture the attention of prospective customers, a Brand Capital deal being one of them. Partnering with the Times of India group, the premier media conglomerate of the country, brings with it a unique proposition of advertising your product. While it presents enormous branding opportunities for your product, it also brings along some unique marketing challenges. Collaborating with or hiring a media buying agency can add wonders to your deal and drive a greater ROI for any marketing campaign that you undertake.  Here’s a list of why you need a media buying partner for executing your Brand Capital campaigns-

Rates are higher than other non-brand cap advertising

Advertising rates are one of the biggest factors in finalizing any advertising campaign. Between brand cap and non-brand cap, there is a substantial difference in rates. An agency can help you in procuring and closing deals at the correct market price by employing a strategic negotiation policy.

New to the advertising world

When just venturing out to promote your product, everything seems unfamiliar to a new advertiser. The planning and execution of the entire campaign seem like a daunting task and anyone can get lost without proper guidance. An agency aids in not only understanding the media but also explaining why a particular media might be best suited for your product along with giving valuable insights. For brand capital, the vertical being relatively unique requires a special skill set to close deals at optimum prices.

Not aware of actual operating rates

Advertisers are often not aware of the benchmarked rates in their category. This knowledge disparity often leads to a situation where advertisers end up paying significantly higher prices as compared to the actual price of the space.

Do not possess requisite negotiating skills

First cut rates received from media houses undergo huge negotiations before being finally released. Knowledge of past operating rates of the industry along with the skill set to properly negotiate garners success needed in securing the deal. An experienced advertising agency possesses the requisite skills and can undertake the entire negotiation process on your behalf not only guaranteeing lowest release rates but also saving you from the hassle of negotiations.  

Final quotations undergo huge negotiations

Your supposedly “final quotations” are not actually final! Many of us are unaware of the benchmarked industry rates for brand capital across any vertical. Agencies that are working across this sector have the knowledge of these rates and do always know that the quotation received might undergo further negotiations. In certain cases, it has been seen that final rates can differ by almost 70% as compared to the initially received quotations.

An agency therefore not only adds value to your ad deal but can also help you in saving costs significantly. Through their industry knowledge and expertise of dealing in this category, they have the extra edge in closing any ad campaign at a profitable margin. At releaseMyAd, we have worked with several brand cap clients like PharmEasy, Vodafone-You Broadband, Citrus Ventures, among others to assist them with media buying across this vertical. For us to drive higher ROI on your ad deals for Brand capital campaigns get in touch with us at sharad@releasemyad.com. We promise to add value!