Top 5 Newspapers for Recruitment Advertising in Bangalore

Best Newspapers for Recruitment Ads in Bangalore

Bangalore has evolved into a brand new battleground for newspapers. Popularly known as India’s IT hub, this cosmopolitan city has flourished into a rich market for both English and Regional Newspaper Dailies. The ever-changing demographics of the Indian Silicon Valley, have transformed the city into a competitive arena for newspapers advertising.

This IT hub’s fast pace and contemporary culture has immensely influenced the young talents and professionals to migrate and settle in Bangalore. Finding a job is no big deal in Bangalore for potential job seekers. A major reason why chunks of migrants have moved to this city is because it provides job opportunities in abundance for the budding generation and this has lead to the popularity of Recruitment ads in the newspapers of Bangalore. Also, a huge increase in the number of IT companies has also led to a huge demand why people choose to post recruitment ads in newspapers.

Which newspaper should you choose to publish a Recruitment Ad in Bangalore?

What are the top 5 Newspapers you should keep in mind while planning to post a Recruitment ad in Bangalore? Well, deciding on this is a dilemma, especially in a city like Bangalore which has become a fertile land for newspapers to flourish and prosper. We therefore bring to you a list of 3 English and 2 Regional top dailies that are to be considered for placing Recruitment Classified Advertisements  and Display advertisements in Bangalore.  The ones that are leading in the race are The Times of India, Deccan Chronicle, Deccan Herald among the English Dailies and Vijay Karnataka and Prajavani among the regional or Kannada newspapers.

Though Deccan Herald was the No.1 newspaper functioning in the city, it suddenly faced a huge setback when Times of India entered the market. In terms of circulation and readership TOI (Over 5 Lakh Circulation) is the leading publication in Bangalore and since it is better known among the newcomers as they come from different parts of the country, most of the advertisers prefer to post Recruitment Ads in this newspaper. The newspaper also publishes a popular recruitment Pullout called Times Ascent that lets advertisers publish Display Recruitment Ads exclusively. The Times of India is followed by two other leading English Dailies namely, Deccan Herald (Circulation-2.4 lakhs) and Deccan Chronicle (Circulation 1.7 lakh). Advertisers also target these two South-based English language newspapers to post different kinds of recruitment, situation vacant, situation wanted and situation abroad ads.

Recruitment Classifieds in Newspapers

With 8 publishing editions, the Deccan Chronicle has acquired a vast number of readers across the state of Karnataka including its capital Bangalore is one of them. The newspaper is not only known for its popularity in the Southern states but also across the country. There is a huge demand for recruitment advertising in Deccan Chronicle which is vastly read by readers across Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Vijayawada. What makes Recruitment Advertising in Deccan Chronicle more popular is the weekly Pullout Career Chronicle that allows advertisers to publish Display Recruitment ads exclusively. Similarly, Avenues is a popular recruitment pullout published by the Deccan Herald which focuses on job opportunities and careers.

Among regional newspapers, the competition is between Vijay Karnataka and Prajavani. What makes Vijay Karnataka a better choice is the fact that it is quite popular among the youth. With a readership of 34.35 lakhs, it is serving the state of Karnataka for decades and is a common choice of the local and regional readers. The newspaper also has a separate Appointment Pullout for only Display Recruitment Ads. These are the reasons for the popularity of the No.1 Kannada Daily for Recruitment Advertising. With a readership of 29.10 lakhs, Prajavani is another regional daily preferred for Recruitment Ads in Bangalore. This Kannada newspaper is very well received by a much wider section of readers settled in and around the city of Bangalore belonging to all age groups.

Bangalore has extensively transformed from a Kannadiga city to the Silicon Valley of India. Medium and large multinational companies have built job havens in major parts of the city.  These developments have affected the change in the way newspapers function too. In fact it’s more of a battle than a competition.

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