Wish to Rent out your Bungalow? Discover the Ideal Medium to Find the Ideal Tenant

Bungalow on Rent

Bungalows are lavish homes with lush green lawns which often have personal swimming pools and many other amenities which are usually not available in an individual flat. Bungalows are often located in posh localities with proper markets around the residence or amidst dense greenery in a secluded location, depending on the preference of the owner. As the owner of such an attractive and well equipped residential arrangement, you may wonder that why wouldn’t anyone want to take it up as a rented home?

The problem lies in having access to or choosing the right medium to advertise your To- Rent Bungalow. It is important to know your target audience well enough to understand how to reach out to them. It’s not that people are not looking for a Bungalow to stay in but it’s just that they are not getting to know about your Bungalow which you intend to rent-out. Generally there are 3 ways to reach out to a tenant-

a)      Through To-Rent  Property Broker

b)      Online To Rent Property Listings

c)       To-Rent Newspaper Ads

A research conducted on about 400 to-rent advertisers who specifically intended to rent out Bungalows provided a clearer picture of the different mediums used to advertise To-Rent Bungalows.

To-Rent Bungalow Brokers

Most landlords think that hiring a Broker on commission basis to look for a tenant saves a lot of their time and effort. This is the main reason why these brokers have become a common medium to look for tenants for different types of to-rent properties. But it is not the best option as many people would consider it to be due to the following reasons.

Issues Created by Property Brokers

  • Brokers charge money from both sides-tenant as well as the landlord making a profit from both sides but often neither parties are satisfied
  • They actually charge a hefty sum of money which can be quite problematic for many tenants and landlords alike
  • Another issue is that their reach is limited to specific localities which makes the choice for the tenants limited

Online To Rent Property Listings

Today’s fast-paced and busy work schedules force people to resort to the Internet and list their Bungalows for Rent online. Even tenants look for rented property online itself. It may be a convenient and free option for the landlords but online listings too have certain limitations.

Limitations of Online To-Rent Property Listings

  • First and foremost the audience becomes quite limited in case of online listings
  • Online listings are often a source of harassment for the landlords as they have to entertain irrelevant calls and visitors
  • Often the requirement of the tenant and the features of the Bungalow on rent do not match eventually disappointing both the tenant and the owner
  • Online listings quite often consist of inflated information which misleads the tenant to a great extent

To-Rent Newspaper Ads

A huge number of property owners tend to advertise their To-rent property through newspaper advertisements. It has been the most frequently used medium for property and to-rent ads for ages in India. People still consider it to be the safest option to look for tenants with minimum harassment.

Why you should choose Newspaper Advertising for To-Rent Bungalows

  • To-Rent Newspaper ads are to-the-point and consist of only relevant information as it costs money to add any extra word or line. This is one of the reasons that tenants trust this source much more than others ensuring higher responses
  • Classified To-rent Ads are a much more economical option than paying hefty commissions to brokers
  • Providing limited and necessary contact information is a great way to avoid unnecessary visitors
  • Since To-Rent Bungalow ads are published under this specific section, there is every likelihood that only interested tenants will search and contact the concerned landlords
  • You can even publish the ad under a specific locality of a city so that people looking for accommodation in the concerned region can easily locate your ad and contact you
  • You can even compose your ad in Hindi, English or any other regional language depending on the newspaper you have selected to publish your ad, in case you intend to reach out to a specific community of tenants

For Instance, if you own a Bungalow in the Gurgaon region of Delhi, you can specifically choose newspapers like Hindustan Times, in which you can publish your ad in English or Hindustan to place a Hindi ad or you can even opt for Punjab Kesri for an ad in Punjabi.

With releaseMyAd you can eliminate the only issue faced by newspaper advertisers-the need to visit a publication to get the ad booked. You need not even pay any extra money to an offline agent to get your ad published in your preferred newspaper. All you need to do is to log on to the To-rent Newspaper Ad Booking page of releaseMyAd, choose the ad type from classified text, classified display or display, specify the newspaper name, location and proceed to compose your advert. You can take the help of our online design templates or samples to compose your ad and then confirm the booking by confirming the release dates and clearing the payment for the same through our online or offline payment mediums.

If you need any further help with the booking of your To-Rent Advert, please email us at book@releasemyad.com or questions@releasemyad.com. You can visit the To-Rent Newspaper Ads FAQ Section OR call is on 09830629298.