Getting your Hindu Obituary Ad Published within 24 hours!

Publish Obituary Ads in 24 hours

Obituary ads are usually published at the last moment as no one can predict the time of death of any individual. At the last moment, advertisers are often in a fix about what newspaper to choose and whom to approach and what should be the next step in order to get an Obituary Ad published in a newspaper of their choice. Even if they figure out their course of action, the process of approaching the publication or finding an agent at the 11th hour can be quite a hindrance for the advertisers.

This article here can help solve these issues instantly. As an online ad booking agency we are aware of the fact that Obituary ads are mostly booked in newspapers belonging to the southern part of India. Obituary ads in South Indian newspapers are published almost as of it is a part of their ritual to express their grief and condolences for the deceased soul.

Therefore, we are here to solve the above issues for the frequent Obituary Advertisers of India. Nowadays no one has the time to visit a publication house to get an ad published. A number of people hire offline agents to get their ads published, but these agents either charge a lot of money if an ad is booked at the last moment or they are not readily available. It was necessary for is to simplify this process of booking Obituary ads as our main aim is to simplify newspaper ad booking.

Solutions for Obituary Ad Booking in Newspapers

Obituary Advertisement in a Newspaper
  • Determining the Newspaper-The Hindu is the most widely circulated and popular newspapers of Southern India and ranks third among the national newspapers as far as circulation and readership are concerned. It has very high respect and regard in terms of deliverance of news content and the quality of readers. Therefore your Hindu Obituary Ad is bound to get the audience response it deserves. Also you can choose in which language you intend to publish the ad since the Hindu has an English and a Tamil edition.
  • Finding a Medium to Book the ad- Well to find India‚Äôs largest online ad booking portal-releaseMyAd, you just need to do a Google search from anywhere in the world and you can be ready to book your Hindu Obituary Ad with us.
  • How to Book the Ad- In case of Obituary ads you can publish only Classified Display and Display ads, which are measured in terms of their size in per sq. cm. unit and can include images, background designs and ad matter in any language. The only difference being that Display Obituary ads can be published on any page of the newspaper while Classified Display Obituary Ads can be published in only the classified section. You can even take the help of our Online Ad Booking Tutorial to get assistance with the ad booking process.
  • Last Minute Booking Accepted- Only for Obituary Advertisers, we make an exception in case of deadlines. An obituary ad can be booked at the last moment with a notice of 12-24 hours through releaseMyAd, unlike other ads which need at least 2-3 days to be processed. So now you need not worry about finding an agent to book your ad or paying visit to the publication house.

So, just log onto to our Hindu Obituary Ad Booking page, choose the location, select the template to deign your ad (you can even upload your own ad design), preview the ad, confirm the release dates and clear the payment. And your ad is ready to be published as soon as the payment is cleared. If you have any queries regarding the booking of your Obituary Ad, please email us at or You can even call us on 09830629298 or visit the Hindu Obituary FAQ Section.