Want to book a Property ad in Hindustan Times? Leverage the easiest Method

Classified & Display Property Ads in Hindustan Times


Hindustan Times is the second most widely circulated and popular English daily of our country. It has a name and reputation for delivering unbiased news, high quality editorial articles and relevant information updates. Hindustan Times is highly popular across the northern region of India and gets a load of Matrimonial ads during the weekend. But few people are aware of the fact that the newspaper is also popular for its property advertisements.

It receives hoards of requests for publishing property sale and to-rent advertisements, every day of the week. Hindustan Times also offers a separate pullout for Property advertisements which includes both classified and display Property advertisements. HT Estates is one of the rare Property supplement which enables publishing of both classifieds and display advertisements.

This ensures that the ads get maximum exposure to drive higher and better responses for their Property on Sale or Lease advertisements. This specific supplement is published every Saturday which further ensures that the property ads get the attention they deserve. A focus day helps both the sellers and the buyers or the landlords and the tenants, because rather than spending hours every day looking for a property ad that’ll suit their needs, they can dedicate a specific day for the entire process of searching and contacting. Even landlords and sellers can keep themselves free and prepared for conversing with buyers or receiving any kind of communication from them.

Classified Property Ads in Hindustan Times

Apart from this, property ads are also released in the dedicated Property classified pages of the newspaper as per availability of space. But it is suggested that when there is an option of publishing classified property ads in a Real Estate Ads specific supplement, one must leverage that advantage for ensuring maximum relevant responses.

In order to save your efforts of visiting a Publication House to get your ad booked or hiring an offline agent for the same, you can opt for releaseMyAd-India’s largest and easiest online newspaper ad booking agency. We are the official online ad booking agents of the Hindustan Times and the rates and packages for all ad categories are received directly from the publication house. All you need to do to get your ad booked in Hindustan Times Property section is to follow 3 simple steps online:

  1. Visit HT Property Classified Ad Rates page or HT Estates as per your requirement and then choose the preferred location wherein you intend to publish your property ad
  2. Then take the help of Property Sample ads or design templates in order to compose your advertisement online and preview the same with the help of our Live Ad Preview Feature
  3. To complete the process you need to confirm the release dates and then clear the payment for the same through our online or offline payment methods as per your convenience

Note*- While booking your ad in the classified section of Hindustan Times Property, please specify in the “Special Instructions” box that whether you intend to get the ad released in the main paper or the Property Supplement HT Estates.

Once the payment from your end is received, we will send you an email with the entire ad booking details ensuring that the ad is ready for release. To get your ad released in the newspaper of your choice, you must complete the booking of your ad at least 2-3 days prior to the intended release dates to ensure availability of ad slots and timely release of the advertisement.

If you need any further help with the booking of your Property or To-Rent advertisement in the Hindustan Times, then please email us at book@releasemyad.com or questions@releasemyad.com. You can also take the help of our HT Property Ads FAQ Section if you need assistance with the booking process and rates for your advertisement or call us on 09830629298.