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Quarter Page Ad Rates in HT City Delhi

For any advertisement to be published in a newspaper, there are certain factors that need to be considered before it is released. These factors also help determine the cost of a display advertisement which needs to be published in a supplement like HT City Delhi.

Price is the first thing that each and every advertiser needs to consider before proceeding with an ad campaign.

So a question which is frequently asked by advertisers to publications and agents is “What would be the price for an advertisement to be released in my preferred newspaper?”

It is quite natural for an advertiser to be concerned about the cost of his/her advertisement, since it is this cost that constitutes a major section of the budget assigned to advertising. Therefore it is essential to know what factors affect the cost of an advertisement to be able to manage and implement the budget for an advertisement skilfully.

Provided below is a detailed analysis of the factors that condition the cost of a HT City Delhi Display ad and ads in all other newspapers:

Factors Determining the Cost of a HT City Delhi Advertisement 

Placement of the ad-Placing your advertisement in the right place is the first step to grabbing the attention of a customer. An advantageous placement of an advertisement obviously affects the cost of that particular advertisement, since a better placement ensures a higher number of eye-balls for that advert. This is the reason behind additional charges being applicable on placing adverts on the Front, Third and Last page of a newspaper. The cost is also affected by the supplement you choose to release your advert in, which in this case seen in the HT City Delhi rates, because a more popular supplement, again ensures more people who are likely to see your ad. 

Full Page Ad Rates for HT City Delhi

Size of the ad HT City Delhi advertisement rates are decided on the basis of the ad size simply because all newspaper display adverts are measured in terms of the length and width of the advertisement to be published in the choice newspaper. The price is determined for every occupied by the advertisement in a specific page or the number of columns it is occupying like single column (3-4 cm width), double column (6-7 cm width), triple column (9-10 cm) etc. Along with these, the HT City Delhi ad rates are also mentioned based on certain specific ad sizes like in case of quarter page, half page or full page adverts.

Position of the ad- Different positions chosen for different advertisements have different effect on the readers to target audiences. Some positions get more attention from the readers than others and that’s what makes the former more expensive than the latter. This factor is more effective for ads that are smaller than a half page advertisement as their position can vary, but the position of a full page or half page ad may not vary as much.

There are certain corners on which extra charges are applicable since they get more views than the other corners. For instance the upper right-hand side corner gets more attention than the lower left hand side corner of a newspaper page and this is what makes their premium vary which is applicable to your HT City Delhi ad as well.

When you choose to advertise in a newspaper, not only in a supplement, always keep these factors in mind while planning or assigning the budget for your advertisement. Spend the money assigned for your HT City Delhi advertisement, carefully so that you can get the maximum out of your investment on advertising.

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