Delhi Times Advertisement Rates for Your Display Ad

Delhi Times Advertising Rates

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of advertising in newspapers?

I am quite sure it must be the ‘cost’ of the advertisement! The simple question that pops in an advertiser’s head is that “What is the price I would have to pay to advertise in my preferred newspaper?”Well, of course that is bound to be the first concern of an advertiser, as the planning and implementation of an ad campaign is subject to the budget assigned to it, be it a Delhi Times Display ad or a classified advertisement in the classifieds section of the popular Times of India.

There are certain factors that an advertiser should be aware of, when considering the cost of the advertisement, he is about to invest in. Let us take a detailed look at the factors that govern and help decide the cost of the concerned ad:

Delhi Times Display Advertising

Factors Conditioning the Cost of a Delhi Times Advertisement

Size of the adDelhi Times advertisement rates is based on the size of the advertisement, since display advertisements are priced as per the length and width of the advertisement which is published in the newspaper of your choice. This price is measured in per unit or based on columns such as single column (3-4 cm width), double column (6-7 cm width), triple column (9-10 cm) etc. Apart from these, the advertisement Delhi Times rates vary based on quarter page, half page or full page adverts.

Placement of the ad-The first step to getting a customer is to grab their attention, which requires advertisers to place their advertisement strategically. The cost of an ad is affected by the placement of it since the pages that get more attention from readers will also ensure more eye-balls to their advertisement. Therefore premium charges are applicable on making page preferences for the ad you intend to release. The newspaper pages that need you to pay more for placing your ad are the 1st, 3rd and Last page. Hence, if you wish to publish your ad in any of these pages, then you must be prepared bear the additional cost adding up to your existing cost.

Position of the ad- The position you choose to place your advert in a newspaper page, also affects the attention you are capable of getting. In case of quarter page or smaller display ads published in Delhi Times, there are certain corners that are have extra charges as they grab more attention compared to the other corners. Such as the upper right hand side corner, is prone to more getting more attention than an ad positioned at the lower left hand side corner which makes the former position more expensive than the latter. So choose the position of your Delhi Times ad carefully.

Now since you are aware of the elements that affect the cost of your display advertisement in the Delhi City Supplement of Times of India, get ready to spend your Newspaper advertising budget carefully and skilfully. To assist you further with the booking and quick release of your advertisement, there is releaseMyAd with the simple 3 step online booking process. So now you can get your ads released sitting from the comfort of home or office without paying extra any kind of extra commission directly online. You can even take the help of Online Booking Tutorials to get maximum assistance in getting your ad booked.