Radio Advertisement Booking in Delhi via releaseMyAd


The advent of radio was a game changer in the form of entertainment. It made us aware of all the daily news, weather forecast and entertained us with musical shows. For many it was THE source of entertainment. But as time elapsed, modifications occurred into this medium with the emergence of FM (Frequency Modulation) which provided high-fidelity sound through radio broadcast. Since the quality of sound improved, the popularity increased and gave rise to the opportunity to commercialize.

Advertising in Radio has become a common feature after the arrival of the FM broadcast. The major chunk of revenue for radio comes from advertisements. The earlier advertisements were solely focused on a sing-song type pattern. Modernization has improved the quality of advertisements to great extents. Larger cities provide a larger audience to target, so it is a vital criterion for radio advertising.

Delhi is the Capital of India. A city with a wealth of history attached to it. Having a metropolitan population of 16.3 million it is the second most populous city in India. That is a massive audience for potential radio listeners. Radio advertising in Delhi can be a commercial success due to the factors of urban population and a high awareness rate of people. Radios are omnipresent now and in a major city like New Delhi the chances of missing out on the commercials is minimal. However a proper plan of action is absolutely necessary to make the campaign a success. Deciding a media vehicle is equally important as well. For such precarious decisions it is safe to seek help of releaseMyAd. It provides various creative services for content and creates jingles for the campaign through their partner Jingles India. Apart from these services its major advantage lies in the total coverage of all the leading radio stations in Delhi. Below is a list of those leading FM stations covered by releaseMyAd:

  • Radio Mirchi (98.3) FM
  • Red (93.5) FM
  • Big (92.7) FM
  • Fever FM 104
  • Oye FM 104.8
  • Hit 95 FM
  • Radio City 91.1 FM
  • AIR FM Gold
  • AIR FM Rainbow

Booking radio ads in Delhi through these stations is very easy through releaseMyAd. You can book your ad 3 days in advance and go LIVE instantly. The nominal rates charged for booking is another positive for choosing releaseMyAd as your radio advertising vehicle.

The reach of radio in every nook and corner makes it a profitable option. It is a great advertising vehicle for small and local businesses to target the local audience. The audience base for radio advertising is huge, irrespective of gender, age and status. A particular message can be intendedĀ for everyone. This traditional means of advertising has the potential to go on for a long time. For further details on booking a radio ad in Delhi please mail us on or call us at 09830629298.