Radio Advertising in Mumbai Made Easy through releaseMyAd


Don’t we all remember and adore the Akashvani tune which gave us our first encounter to the medium called Radio. Since then it has etched on to our minds and makes us relive the fond memories of our tryst with the radio.

Of late the radio has evolved immaculately. The days of AM (Amplitude Modulation) are numbered with the usher of the more commercial FM (Frequency Modulation) format. This has given rise to commercial radio due to its suitability towards advertisements. Listeners now have a huge variety of FM stations to choose from thus increasing the variety of music. From Yo Yo Honey Singh’s chartbusters to the soft and melodious tunes of Kishore and Rafi, the listener is flooded with a choice of music. This provides the advertisers a window of opportunity to properly segment and target their audience.

Mumbai is the entertainment capital of India. It is the home for the glitz and glamour world of Bollywood, and is also popularly known as the “City of Dreams”. It is the most populated city in India. Therefore it presents a wonderful opportunity for advertisers to target a gigantic percentage of people simultaneously. Radio being accessible anywhere easily, thanks to cell phones, makes radio on-the-go possible. The number of cheaper smartphones and portability factor has made it such a wonderful medium for advertising. Radio advertising in Mumbai is made easy via releaseMyAd. It is an online platform with a host of features and covers all the leading radio stations with relative ease. Below is a list of the leading FM stations in Mumbai covered by releaseMyAd:

  • BIG (92.7) FM
  • Radio City 91.1 FM
  • Red (93.5) FM
  • Radio Mirchi (98.3) FM
  • FEVER FM 104
  • AIR FM Gold
  • AIR FM Rainbow
  • AIR Vividh Bharti
  • Prasar Bharti- All India Radio

The main source of revenue of FM stations is through advertising. An estimated audience of 106 million listeners makes it a huge market to launch various campaigns or provide informative content. Booking radio ads in Mumbai is very simple and cost effective through releaseMyAd. Creation of jingles for the campaign through our partner Jingles India helps in giving the campaign a magical touch. And if the ad is booked 3 days in advance the campaign can go LIVE instantly.

Looking at the way Radio is being extensively used nowadays, the future seems to be bright. Being an effective medium for communication and advertising it is opening massive avenues for potential advertisers. For further queries on radio advertising in Mumbai mail us on or please call 09830629298.