Now easily book Oye 104.8 FM Ads in 3 simple steps via releaseMyAd


OYE 104.8 FM,a venture of the INDIA TODAY NETWORK,is one of the leading radio stations of India,especially in Delhi and it hosts a range of pure bollywood based programmes which gives justice to its tagline which says “sabse filmy”.
Now having your radio commercial broadcasted on OYE FM is nothing but a cakewalk!
With releaseMyAd ,all you need to do is follow the following simple series of steps and get your advertisement live on OYE fm:-
Step 1:Select your preferred city to view the rates.
You can choose your destination city where you wish to launch your radio campaign amongst Delhi,Mumbai,Kolkata,Amritsar,Patiala,Jodhpur and Shimla and get their respective rates.

Step 2:Select a media plan and programme schedule which meets your requirements.
The media plan will vary as given:

QUICK BURST 7 Days 15 seconds 7 spots/day
SUPER BURST 15 Days 15 seconds 7 spots/day
EFFECTIVE REACH 30 Days 15 seconds 7 spots/day

Deciding on the media plan is a crucial part of designing your radio campaign,and hence decisions about AD DURATION and AD FREQUENCY need to be taken after much thought.AD DURATION is the time period for which a particular advertisement will be on air , whereas,AD FREQUENCY determines the number of times the target audience will be exposed to the radio advertisement. Programme schedule will comprise of the different time slots which are available along with their scheduled programmes.

Step 3:Confirm your radio station and the time slots.
If desired you can make changes to the radio station chosen,select the time slots[options are that of PRIME TIME(7 am – 11 am & 5 pm – 9 pm) or THROUGHOUT THE DAY (7 am – 10 pm).You can also view the programme which is scheduled during your selected time slot.

Step 4:Proceed to select your ad dates.
You can confirm your campaign tenure,ad duration, ad frequency and select the START DATES for the broadcast.
Step 5:Preview ad booking details and complete payment.
On clicking on ‘Preview ad booking details’ a booking summary will be displayed which will have all the details about your advertisement.Once you review it and are satisfied with it,provide us with your email id and make the payment.You will receive an instant confirmation via email and sms alert.
In case of any queries , contact releaseMyAd at 09830688443. Alternatively you can also email your requirements on and we will get back to you.