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OYE 104.8 FM ,is hailed as India’s ‘Sabse Filmi’ radio station ,and is also a part of TV Today Network .The brand name of OYE fm(104.8) is synonymous with bollywood and is one of the most tuned in radio stations in Delhi ,with its popularity on the rise in other cities as well.
OYE FM has a target audience of 20+, and a market share of 10.2% in the metros. It’s hugely popular for its broadcasts of unique programming content which are mostly bollywood oriented. Despite it being claimed as a female centric FM station, it targets not only young female listeners but also bollywood lover’s nation wide!
Be it Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jodhpur, Amritsar, Patiala or Shimla, advertising on OYE Fm has proved to be highly effective considering its increasing fame and highly reasonable advertising Rates. releaseMyAd,a radio advertising agency provides a one stop solution for all the queries you might have about advertising on OYE fm.
Given below is a rate card for advertising on OYE FM:

DELHI Rs:400


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Advertising options that OYE FM gives you:
• Jingle / Voice Over Advertisements
*VOICE OVER: These are messages narrated by an artist or a person with optional background music which helps in enhancing sales and creating brand awareness.
*JINGLES: These are in form of advertising messages or catchy slogans or short songs which explicitly promote the brand needed to be advertised.


Other unique marketing solutions offered are :
1. RJ mentions-RJ talks about the brand and engages the listeners in an interesting manner.
2. Contests-They are running in between programmes and the listeners can participate and win.
3. Sponsorships-Exclusive or associate sponsorships.
4. Fabric– 3 RJ mentions are aired back to back for the same brand in an hour.
5. Utilities– Traffic Update, Time Check, Weather Update, Stock Update etc
6. Specials-Clients can deliver Wishes from their end on a special day such as Diwali,etc.
7. Events-Marketing events can be conducted with the oppurtinity to title or associate sponsorship.
8. Sparklers– They are 10 second FCT which are aired as the last or the first spot of the break.
9. Road Blocks-Just One Advertiser advertises for a particular time period.
10. Outdoor Broadcast-The client has an ongoing event which is visited by the RJ who records cutomer feedback and broadscasts it live!

With releaseMyAd,advertising on OYE FM has just become way more simpler.
Now you can create, plan and execute your radio advertisement without any hassles!
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