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The Education Plus advertising Rates
A Full page ad in The Education Plus

The Education Plus is the most famous and best Education supplement not just in Chennai but also across the whole of southern India. It was established, exactly a decade ago in 2004 by the Hindu Group of Publications. It has attained the fame due to its informative career counselling articles which help guide many aspiring college students. Education Plus display ads has become another medium of reaching out to the target audiences which in this case are primarily students who intend to become graduates or opt for higher studies.

This specific supplement is highly popular among advertisers, especially in the Education sector, since it enables advertisers to book and publish classified as well as display advertisements. But before choosing a medium for advertising, it is essential to know about the options and what the pricing depends on.

There are mainly 3 types of ads which are published in any newspaper and is the deciding factor for Education Plus advertisement rates. These ad types include the following:

Classified Text-These are the most basic form of newspaper advertising which are priced based on the number of words/lines/characters that are used in the content of the ad. If required, advertisers can easily add to enhancements to make their ads stand out among others. These enhancements include ticks, screen borders, colour highlights and of course they add to the pricing.

Classified Display-These ads are priced based on their size in sq. cm unit measured according to the height and width of the ad occupying the page. Published in the classifieds section, they have the features of display ads as advertisers can include images, logos as well as customize their ad matter fonts as per their requirement.

Display- Much like Classified Display ads, display ads are measured based on their size and also include images, logos and customized fonts. But in addition to having the features of the display classified ads, display ads can be published on any preferred page of the newspapers, which in turn require premium charges.

These are some of the things that affect the Education Plus rates as well as the price of ads in other newspapers. Along with this even the location wherein the ad is meant to be circulated is booked, also affects the rates of an advertisements. For instance, the Education Plus advertising rates for Chennai will surely be different, rather higher than that of Bangalore, simply because the newspaper is more popular in that city.

There are a few more factors make variations to the price of specifically display advertisements which include-

Placement of the ad-This refers to the page on which the ad is placed such as the front page, last and third page. The rates for which vary based on the prominence of the page

Position of the ad- The variation in rates of the advertisement in this case too depends on the prominence of the position in the preferred page

But to make all this simple and quick, releaseMyAd assists you in booking your Education Plus ad in just a few minutes online. All you need to is to visit the Education Plus ad rates page, choose the ad size, determine the edition and then proceed to compose your advert with the help of online ad samples and tutorials.