Key Advertising Strategy for a Successful Campaign in Education

Newspaper Education Advertising


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People in India are learning more about the importance of education as we develop as a nation. Education is not restricted to the upper class of society anymore and its need is felt by all, even those who themselves are not educated. People from all classes are now encouraging both boys and girls to complete their education. We are starting to realize all the opportunities education opens up – it is the first step to a better life and who wouldn’t want the best for their children? With the growing consumer base for educational institutions, we provide you the best strategy to take advantage of this influx via newspaper advertising.

Newspaper advertising has been used for generations to promote products and services in India. With millions of people still reading the newspaper almost every single day, this industry doesn’t seem to be facing any imminent danger from the Internet. They have tackled that threat by publishing online versions of the printed newspaper which too consist of the advertisement sections offering readers both online and offline access to their content. These portals of advertising cater not only to older individuals but also to plenty of young readers, allowing a large and versatile readership to the publication, present in urban and rural areas alike.

Advertisers understand the advantages that newspaper advertising holds over other advertising platforms due to their large circulation, readership and access to specific focus regions. A significant number of every newspaper readership comprises of young readers and their primary focus is education.  Hence, a smart advertiser would not forget to exploit this medium for his or her advertising campaign.

Why you ask?

Here we divulge a few of the many reasons why newspaper advertising is the key to a successful Education Campaign:

1) Concentrate on Communicating with your Target Audience

Newspapers allow advertisers to choose their preferred region which helps them focus on their target audience based on the demographic research. This enables advertisers to filter their potential customers most likely to be express serious interest in the advertiser.

 For example, for a local school located in Rajasthan, the best bet would be to advertise in a newspaper that is circulated only in Rajasthan and not all over India.

Newspaper Education Classified Adverts

When we asked the Principal of a school in Hyderabad why he wanted to advertise only in regional newspapers, he said, “I realized that advertising all over India was not cost-efficient because no one from a place as far away as Kashmir would be interested in a school located in Southern India. So, I decided only to advertise in newspapers in Andhra Pradesh and preferably in any English or regional language newspaper popular in the preferred region”.

2) Never miss out on approaching any Potential Customer

Be it a parent or a student, newspapers cater to a wide variety of readers from different age groups. When advertising your Education services, the best strategy is to present the content in a manner meant for or targeted towards multiple age- groups. Simply because readers are likely to be looking for Education Institutes not just for themselves but also for their children or even siblings. The age old tradition of newspaper advertising is still your best bet in achieving the highest number of potential customer responses for your advert.

Mrs. Kaur, a homemaker from New Delhi, says “My granddaughter had always wanted to be a fashion designer. One morning, when I was browsing through the newspaper, I found an ad for NIFT and it instantly caught my attention. One year later, my granddaughter is now happily studying there as an aspiring designer.”

3) Help Vital Non-tech Savvy Audiences Reach out to you

As part of a developing nation, large portions of the Indian society still don’t have consistent access to the Internet. Apart from this issue, there is still an existing generation which is not comfortable with opting for technologically advanced methods to look for educational institutes. Therefore, newspapers still remain the primary media platform for much of the country especially rural areas and the older generation. As the new generation awakens to the importance of education, it is advised that you include all regions, big cities and villages alike, when devising your ad campaign.

Display Education Advertisements in Newspapers

4) Tailor your newspaper Education advertisement based on your budget

In case of advertising in newspapers you can choose your perfect ad based on your budget as it provides varied options for every pocket size. One of the steps taken to make your fit in your budget is to choose the right ad format or type from Classified Text, Classified Display or Display. Education institutes can choose from a simple and straightforward ad to a more elaborate and eye-catching one. With classified ads, advertisers are encouraged to describe their service only through words with very simple designs available. On the other hand, display ads are bolder and allow advertisements to have color, intricate designs and pictures.

When we asked Mr. Das, proprietor of Durga Computer Center in West Bengal, about his experience with newspaper advertising through releaseMyAd, an online advertising agency, he said, “I run a computer institute in Howrah. Wanted to publish an ad to get more students but had budget restrictions. This company was very helpful and created a small yet prominent ad within my budget which proved to be quite effective. Very happy with the results.”

5)    Approach experts to help your ad stand out amongst others

With the large readership of newspapers, many educational institutions are now turning to this media outlet for advertising. To help your ad stand out amongst all the others, there are experts, who understand and are familiar with the market space. They can help you design an ad that will ensure maximum responses and highest value for your money.

When we asked the Dean of an upcoming engineering college in Howrah, West Bengal, how their newspaper advertising campaign fared, he said, “We had previously placed newspaper ads in The Telegraph and Anandabazar Patrika but we didn’t get the response we hoped for. Through releaseMyAd and their design team, we received a much larger pool of applicants for admission”.

Therefore, with newspaper advertising, your business will get the attention it deserves with smart advertising strategies. At releaseMyAd, we have come up with a fast and simple process to book and publish your newspaper ads. You can book your ad online using three simple steps – filling all your required details like preferred region, newspaper and ad category, composing your ad matter and making the payment. Our executives, with their expertise and experience, can help you through this process. We even have a design team at your disposal to make your ad stand out amongst your competitors. Let’s use the growing importance of education to our advantage and make your education services shine the brightest through newspaper advertising.

 Author Bio: This informative article has been researched and composed by the newest member of our Marketing Team, Ritansha Jalan. She has joined us as an Intern and as is visible, is already contributing efficiently and effectively to our Blog. We thank her for her active participation and helpful contribution to the releaseMyAd blog and other spheres of marketing and even Customer Relationship Management section. We hope that we are able to guide through her internship to help her choose the preferred career path. Wishing her all the best!