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Death Anniversary Messages in newspapers
Death Anniversary Wishes ad in an Indian newspaper

During the course of our lives we come across a lot of people. Some of them we remember, some of them are part of our day-to-day life, some of them are really close to us while some we tend to forget. But every individual has an expiry date including ourselves and that is one of the biggest truths of our lives. Every individual in India has someone in their life whom they have lost and miss dearly but do not know how to express it.

Death Anniversary Wishes published in newspapers are the best way to convey an individual’s feelings, condolences and respects towards a deceased family member or a close friend. A considerable number of people, especially distant relatives and friends or acquaintances of the deceased individual, often convey their condolences and tributes through Death Anniversary Wishes. In these messages, the advertiser can express their grief, the duration of their association with the deceased, relationship with the deceased, the contribution of the deceased, if any, in their lives and anything else that they may find worth mentioning.

Delivering heartfelt messages for a person who was close to a living individual can often seem like a problem for many people. Many people take in a lot of time to come to terms with the death of someone they knew. In such a situation, an advertiser needs the assistance of an external element or service or person who can help them create and convey their death anniversary wishes., the best online ad booking portal for newspapers, was initiated with the view to simplify the process of Newspaper advertising. Therefore we did a small survey with some of our new as well as existing Obituary Advertisers, some of whom publish a remembrance ad every year for a close family member or friend. Through this survey we came to know of certain issues that Obituary advertisers face while getting their ad published.

Problems Faced by Obituary Advertisers

  • After conducting a survey with a considerable number of Obituary Advertisers, it was noticed that most advertisers face issues with framing their Obituary message
  • Advertisers face problems with choosing the right newspapers based on their location preferences
  • They also face issues with getting their ads published in their preferred newspapers without the help of an offline agent
  • Another issue they face is paying high commission charges to offline ad booking agents who actually take advantage of the fragile state of mind of an obituary advertiser
  • Wastage of time and waiting for the ad to get published is another issue they face as all offline agents need at least 2 days to get even an Obituary ad published in any newspaper

Considering these issues, releaseMyAd has come up with multiple solutions which are enlisted below:

Solutions for Obituary Advertisers

Remembrance and In Memoriam Messages in newspapers

a) You can now compose your Death Anniversary Messages online with the help of Sample Obituaries in just a few minutes. You can also take the assistance of our Customer Care team to compose your ad by emailing us your requirement

b) To ease the process of selecting the most preferred newspaper in a specific region, we provide you with an Online Newspaper Decider, wherein you can pick the location or city you intend to target and choose the newspaper based on the circulation and rates or packages available for that city

c) Through our Online booking platform, getting an ad published is only 3 clicks away as you can do it on your own in 3 simple steps-choose the newspaper and edition, compose the ad, confirm dates and make payment.

d) Being the or calls us on 09830629298.