Use ReleaseMyAd Negative Keyword Detector to save your Adword spends.


irrelevant-keywordsIs your Google search advertising campaign experiencing low click through rate? Are you exhausting your adword spend on ads targeting irrelevant keywords?

You need urgent assistance, your campaign is at risk.Retake charge of your paid search advertising campaign by computing the set of irrelevant keywords to your account.These irrelevant keywords make you campaign lose focus as well as money.

These irrelevant keywords are known as Negative Keywords.Negative keywords allows you to filter and refine your campaign impressions based on their search queries.

[box style=’success’]Why should you use negative keywords to your campaign?

It prevents your Ad from appearing for searches which contain this particular keyword in their phrase, safeguarding you from appearing for irrelevant searches.

For example: A radio ad booking agency X uses “ free “ as its negative keyword to avoid from appearing for search queries like: free radio ads, free advertisements, free radio ad booking, etc. This so because free advertising services does not lie in the portfolio of X. So, X wants to prevent from appearing for such irrelevant phrases, adding free to his negative keyword list optimises his account and budget.  [/box]

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Benefits of using a a negative keywords?

  • Save your money

  • Enhance your click through rate i.e the percentage of searches who saw your Ad and actually clicked on it. People would be interested to click on your Ad only if it pertains to their area of query.

  • Increase in conversion rate i.e the percentage of people who after clicking your Ad got converted.

  • Improve your campaign Quality Score(it is the variable used by Google to check relevance and quality of keywords). [/box] 

Spotting negative keywords, is a crucial task. A tool can simplify this for you.Stop-Paying-For-Unwanted-Traffic

 Why do you need a negative keyword tool?

  • The traditional way of detecting negative keywords is very slow, tedious and sometimes not strong enough to make a difference to your account.There exists a huge probability that you will miss out on many potential negative keywords.

  • The tool saves time, generating a list in a few seconds.You can concentrate on your account and business.

  • Provides you with a pool of negative keywords.You can filter and choose negative keywords that suits your requirement.

  • Efficient keyword research.

Implement-Negative-Keywords-in-your-AdWords-CampaignUsing Google Search report to detect negative keywords is a problem.WHY ?

  • They require you to analyse each keyword and label it as negative.An account could return huge queries going through each keyword manually gets difficult and lacks efficiency.

  • Provides incomplete reports.Some keywords are put under “other categories”.This section cannot be accessed.

  • Google Search Reports shows the list of keywords that drives customer to your website and you can only add negative keywords to your campaign after you have lost money on these keywords.

[box style=’info’] How does ReleaseMyAd Negative Keyword Detector help you?

  • It expels careless as spends by finding a docket of irrelevant keywords as per you requirement,helping your campaign to perform well.

  • Saves time ,effort and get better ROI .

  • Efficiently detects negative keywords for FREE.

  • You can also filter relevant keywords which you prefer in your campaign. [/box] 

How does ReleaseMyAd Negative Keyword Detector work?

[dropcap style=’square’]1[/dropcap]Enter a relevant word or your product category.


[dropcap style=’square’]2[/dropcap]Get a List of expanded keywords based on the mentioned word.


[dropcap style=’square’]3[/dropcap]If the keyword is relevant to you ,click YES and you a get a list of relevant keywords.


[dropcap style=’square’]4[/dropcap]If the keyword is irrelevant to you ,click NO and you a get a list of negative keywords.


[dropcap style=’square’]5[/dropcap]You can now mention your details and email the docket to yourself .


An efficient negative keyword management helps you in having a clean and highly relevant campaign assisting you to deliver targeted messages to your potential customers who are looking for you. You can be satisfied to see your budget spent in the right way to generate right visitors to your website, driving business for you.

ReleaseMyAd Negative Keyword Detector is an effective proactive solution that saves time and keeps your marketing expense in control. Add negative keywords in your PPC campaign instantly to save money and get better results.

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