How to hire the right Google Advertising Agency?


“Do not dream of a perfect Google adwords agency,work towards it.”

You are required to do some good homework before you bring in any agency on board to help you with your Google Adwords campaign.An online research will not be enough for you to decide the potentials of an Ad agency .You should take into account all the following issues while reaching out to an Ad agency for agency:
Check where does the company stand for their own adwords campaign

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This a crucial test for the agencies.Learning adwords while managing your own account is very different from a situation wherein a fixed salary employee is handling an account.The former does not care about the website traffic, cost per lead or ROI.The latter who has employed his own money to get results,will put in more effort and learn from his mistakes.He is deemed to know smarter ways to put your money to best use.

Always hire an agency or an employer based on the work that they work they have done for their own business.Analyse their campaign to understand their success rate.There are chances that the one who has learnt adwords on his own dime will provide better results.There might also be situations wherein an employee with fixed incentives has created a successful adwords campaign.Here you judge him by the cost per click that he is paying.A successful account manager would actually be paying a petty amount for the clicks.

releaseMyAd is the leading google certified ad agency that helps you to business to promote themselves online at the lowest CPC.We have done an excellent work for our own business and we know how to create the magic for you too. Search for google advertising services and you will find us.
Is it a full resourced agency or a one man agency

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An agency will have resource, experience and talent to handle your adwords campaign.Its not that a one man band can’t do the same but there are lot of chances that your account will be neglected,may be cause of his leisure time or other clients.

An agency will provide you a dedicated account management team.This enables you to have a security for your adwords campaign.releaseMyAd is one such agency who has a full fledged team of Google certified experts who never puts you in such tough times.Our adwords experts and support team is always available to assist you to have a better advertising experience.    

 Is your agency a Google adwords specialist or a general online promotion company


adverts-agencyYou need to check if your agency offers only adwords products(like search and display ads) or other online adevrtising services like seo,social media ,website design,etc.Its a wise decision to choose a specialist over a multiple service offering agency.

Just take a simple exam if you have heart ailments you don’t go to a general physician.The same applies for adwords,its advisable to look for core adwords professionals. releaseMyAd is a prominent google adwords specialist offering excellent service to advertisers via Google’s search and display networks.

 How did you reach the agency?Did someone refer you to them or you heard someone talking about their good work?Did you come across them on Google?



The best practise is to take into consideration the agency clientele, case study and client testimonials before you reach out to them to promote your business.

If the agency has got in touch with you via email or cold calls it would be better for you to refrain from them as there is high probability that they are seeking to enhance their market share and revenue.

releaseMyAd reaches to the potential advertisers only after they have shared their needs and contact details with us after trusting our work.We do not believe in  making huge customer base,our major focus is to have satisfied advertisers. Most of our clients have reached us by reference of our happy satisfied advertisers.

Does the agency specialize in certain niche markets?Do they encompass your product type?


Analyse their client base and see if they have catered to your industry type and the results that they have provided.

Its difficult to find industry specific adwords experts but you should atleast make sure that your agency has prior experience of your product category.Do not risk testing your business with them.

releaseMyAd has served all the major industries and knows smart ways to optimise your adwords account to get better results than your competitors.

How and how often does the agency report your adwords account performance?



It is highly essential for you to know the returns on your investment. A good agency will provide you regular updates of your campaign performance maintaining total transparency.

releaseMyAd advertisers gets individual dashboard access for their adwords account wherein they can track their performance.They can login to their dashboard whenever they wish to and can analyse if we are meeting up to our commitments.Our adwords relationship managers also send you weekly reports.

What are the agency commitments? What are the unique selling propositions that the agency is offering?


Is it only clicks and impression?Then drop the idea of working with this agency.

Go for an agency that commits on conversions(sign-ups and calls) that you receive.releaseMyAd agency is one such agency that not only promises clicks,impressions but also on the number of sign up that it can get for an advertiser within a stipulated time period.

Does the agency follow a system to manage accounts?Or is it on ad hoc basis?

advertising process

You are required to put in your effort to understand their process and system.

Usually agencies put up a good show until you invest in them and then you only have regrets because of their poor system. releaseMyAd has a well built process which keeps your account in check getting you best results.You have dedicated ppc expert and relationship manager for your account.

Who will be working in your account?


There is no discrepancy if you want to know exactly who will be working on your account.Not only are you required to understand their expertise level but also know the persons name.This not only saves you from bluffs but also enables you to reach out to the right person as  per your requirement.

releaseMyAd gives you direct contact with your account and relationship manager.You can get in touch with them anytime you want to enhance your campaign results.

Is it a Google certified agency?


Always opt for an agency that is Google Adwords certified and is a Google Partner program. releaseMyAd is the leading Google Partner assisting SME’s to leverage the power of online advertising in the most effective way. We are Google’s chosen one’s and have the ability to give your business a profitable u-turn.

You should interact with the agency until you get complacent with them to become your advertising agency.


The right ad agency would be more customer centric.Go for the agency which you think to be potentially promising.

releaseMyAd has never worked with clients as an agency ,we have always been a part of customers business team.We have been there with them to experience unfortunate tides and have rejoiced in their success.We go an extra mile to create a beautiful success story for our clients.

Go for an agency which has positive solutions to the above interrogations. releaseMyAd is one such agency which suffices all the above requirements in the most efficient way.