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A perfect  Google Search Ad Campaign needs to be designed a certain way for it to yield the perfect results. Just doing something does not make much of a difference.  Things need to be done well if we are to make an impact or get the results that we

  • The content revolves around the keyword. It should never lose focus.
  • The advertiser should adequately communicate why he should be chosen over the rest. This is where he intimates how his customers stand to gain from him.
  • You should always use a subheader to ensure that your customers read a bit more than the headline because much as it pains us all to accept it, that is the truth. Searchers hardly ever read beyond the headline.
  • You must make sure that the lead capture form is precise. You don’t want your customers to lose interest. Hence, do not ask for too many details. It might irritate the customer or worse simply destroy his interest.
  • The landing pages ought to be perfectly compatible with the keywords.
  • Ensure easy navigation. Coming back to the home page should be simple.
  • Make sure that the landing page is free of unnecessary navigation buttons. This is to restrain any possibilities of distraction for the searcher. We need the visitor to stay focussed and see all that we have to offer.
  • The calls-to-action have to be very impactful. You might consider being a bit innovative with these instead of employing the commonly used calls to action. That way, you might intrigue customers and thereby draw them in.
  • It is very important to use sitelinks and ad extensions to furnish additional details. Details appeal to a searcher’s logical sense and drives him to act. Its purely psychological.adwords-extensions
  • The ad text must have a generous usage of numbers and symbols.
  • Referring to a time-frame and a money saving offer goes a long way in drawing in customers.adwords-eg
  • Using quotes in the ad text make advertisements effective by making them stand out.
  • Inserting an ad proof intimating the number of customers the advertiser has already had stands as a good testimony to the advertiser.adwords-sample

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