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William L. Schrader, a renowned businessman, had this to say about the internet, “Almost overnight, the Internet’s gone from a technical wonder to a business must.” Of course, he said it a couple of years ago, but that shouldn’t make a difference; the man was right. The internet has exploded, in certain ways matured, and transformed itself into an excellent advertising platform. The free flow of information has allowed sellers and buyers to interact, discover possibilities and conduct business.

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Marketing over the internet is very much a necessity nowadays, and with the rise in devices that support an internet connection, the urgency and relevancy of online advertising is as high as ever. With Facebook now having registered in excess of 115 crore users, and Google+ close on their heels with 100 crore users, Social Media advertising as a prospect has never looked better before, and it’s bound to only improve as one.

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Indian cities like Ahmedabad, Lucknow and Jaipur are very up to date technologically, especially the younger demographic, who one can find to be constantly on their smart-phones. Ideally, the best way to spread awareness about a brand, product or a service would be through social media. Reports indicate that an average Indian in the age bracket of 15-30 yrs spends about 4 hours daily browsing on Facebook, and 4 out of 5 Indians have an account on the same site. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the best way to connect people to their favourite brands. Lucknow’s leading digital advertising agency, releaseMyAd, is the ideal social media partner for any brand.

India also has the fastest growing online market, with 75% of the internet users below the age of 35, and a total of 20.5 crore users spanning the country. Reportedly 50% of India’s urban population who access internet use it to fulfil their shopping requirements. Also, India has 11 crore mobile internet users. These numbers indicate a huge potential in Pay per Click (PPC) and Website Display (CPM) advertising. Google AdWords is an extremely high capability advertising option that is both simple to use and easy on the pocket. You can start your Google advertising campaign via top online advertising agency in Jaipur, releaseMyAd.

The rise of online advertising should be embraced and utilized. The internet is a platform for trendsetters, and it’s time for your brand to take the center stage. You can get in touch with us by mailing us at online@releasemyad.com, or by calling us on 09038015241.