releaseMyAd – The Next Generation Advertising Platform


Modern technology has provided businesses with the unprecedented ability to communicate with their target markets, resulting in a striking advancement in the way marketers craft advertising strategies. Unlike the traditional techniques of yesteryear, new advertising channels created by avant-garde technology allows companies to target groups and individuals with personalized advertising messages, getting the instant results in the form of feedbacks and response measuring techniques on the fly. Amidst the technological rage that has engulfed the country, releaseMyAd’s decision to adopt latest technological advancements has proved to be a masterstroke. Today, we are a technologically driven advertising agency that is proudly making strides in the advertising scene in India.

ReleaseMyAd offers advertisers the unique opportunity to book ads over the radio, cinema, newspapers and the internet – and the booking process is 100% online. Just as one shops or books tickets online, releaseMyAd has made advertising online. From deciding the advertising platform to designing the creative for the ads, the process is 100% online. We offer media buying, media planning and creative services to the people who want to advertise. Through Internet Advertising releaseMyAd provides Search Engine Marketing, Remarketing & Website Marketing for the advertisers.

releaseMyAd is an agency of its kind in India. It is a web based and a technology driven advertising agency providing Newspaper, Radio, Online & Cinema advertising services on a single platform. The company has tapped the potential of the digital space in the country very efficiently.

About releaseMyAd:

Established in 2009 as a newspaper advertising firm, releaseaMyAd is now a comprehensive online advertising platform with real time advertisement bookings in almost all the major media vehicles – newspapers, Radio, Online and Cinema. Founded by Mr Sharad Lunia, a Wharton School of Business Graduate, releaseMyAd is an INS accredited Agency, an Integrated Marketing solutions provider & a premier SME partner of Google in India.