Analyze Your Online Advertising Options in Top Indian Metros.


It’s 2015, and online advertising isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity. The internet is the most extensively used advertising platform in this day & age, and when you factor in the cost, exposure and freedom in online advertising, you know you’re looking at a bargain.

There are various aspects of online advertising, as can be listed below:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Google AdWords – PPC marketing
  • Google AdSense – CPM marketing
  • Remarketing

The relevance of each of these categories varies from region to region. In the big Indian metros, it makes a lot of sense to target the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ aficionados via digital marketing techniques. In smaller towns and villages where internet usage is mostly limited to Google searches, it makes more sense to indulge in PPC marketing. In the instance that you are targeting a specific demographic, indulging in website display advertising is a great idea. Remarketing ads serve as reminder ads for pre-existing visitors of any website in an attempt to perform that particular website’s call to action.

In a big metropolitan city like Mumbai or Bangalore, social media marketing is a great way to target focus groups. The concept of digital marketing involves utilizing social media platforms on the behalf of clients to attract new audiences and creating new opportunities to interact and engross the audience in an attempt to raise brand awareness. In fact, the most popular social media sites like Facebook have accepted their role as a top advertising platform and incorporated certain measures to facilitate the same. Mumbai’s top online advertising agency, releaseMyAd, have conceptualized an ingenious social media content strategy that involves numerous posts in social media platforms in the form of tips, guides and topical questions at shared at regular intervals aimed to achieve high frequency engagement with the audience. Another uncommon but highly effective service offered by releaseMyAd is content marketing, which involves updating clients’ news websites with weekly blog articles.

Pay-per-click (PPC) and website advertising is also big in metropolitans, with each residential address possessing at least one laptop/desktop with 24*7 internet connection. PPC advertising is an exceptionally cost effective advertising vehicle which targets computer, mobile and tab users, and advertisers are only charged when a prospect clicks on their ads. Advertisers also get full freedom to customize practically all aspects of the campaign, starting from ad texts to daily budgets. Website display advertising or CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions) advertising involves the placement of banner ads in pre-designated websites based on visitor demographics. Bangalore’s leading AdWords advertising agency, releaseMyAd, is the ideal place to start your online advertising campaign.

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