Why You Should Advertise with ScoopWhoop mobile App!


A digital media company based in the capital of India, New Delhi, took India by storm in August 2013 when it first launched as an Indian viral content generating and sharing website. Inspired by American internet media company BuzzFeed, Scoop Whoop was founded by Sattvik Mishra, Rishi Pratim Mukherjee, Sriparna Tikekar, Saransh Singh, Suparn Pandey, and Debarshi Banerjee. 

Today Scoop Whoop operates on various online content and is a news app featuring web series, documentaries and current affairs featuring both infotainment and entertainment content. It is India’s one of the fastest-growing social news and entertainment platforms. Having over 20 million active monthly users, 225 million monthly content views, users spend a minimum of 20 minutes on the app daily. Having offices across 3 cities in India, ScoopWhoop has a mean Ad viewability of 60% on Mobile and 70% on the desktop which is one of the most effective within the industry and as of June 2020, ScoopWhoop is ranked by Alexa at  514.

Mostly popular among the adolescence and young adults, ScoopWhoop covers an age range of 18 to 35 years with an almost equal gender percentage of 51% Male and 49% Female. Available on both iOS and Android further as web platforms it offers a flexible and diverse audience for digital advertising. 

Unique advertising concepts offered by ScoopWhoop: 

  • Social Discovery: ScoopWhoop excels at creating sticky stories that immediately get noticed and instantly shared on popular social media platforms. 
  • Custom Native Content: ScoopWhoop creates articles with relevance to brand objectives, themes, and campaigns, designed especially for sharing, resonating strongly along with the audience. 
  • Video Originals: ScoopWhoop collaborates with brands to develop original video content that’s crafted for social media sharing and mobile. 
  • Custom Integrations: Brands get the chance to make unique content properties that showcase their point of view and knowledge within the most interesting ways. 
Advertise on ScoopWhoop App

Top Brands having faith in ScoopWhoop are Airtel, Pepsi, Ford, Cornetto, KitKat, Oyo, Maruti Suzuki, Lakme, and the list goes on. 

releaseMyAd, the first-ever platform enables advertising for India’s top Mobile Apps. Having served over 1 lakh+ clients for mass media advertising solutions with over 10 years of experience within the industry offers advertisers reliable and efficient digital ad solutions. With releaseMyAd, advertisers can customize their ad according to audience interest, age, location, and gender. Also have many various advertising formats to decide on from like- 

  • Content Ads- Integration of branded content into the news feed with the option to add video or image.
  • Display Ads:
    • Logo Integration- Promote your brand through which your user cares.
    • Native Card- A bar at the bottom of the ad which redirects users to more information about the brand. 
    • Interstitial banner- Full-screen media display 
    • Oreo banner- Ad appears on the second card without interrupting the news story. 

releaseMyAd takes up to 48 hours for the campaign to go live. During this time our executives will reach out to you for input specifications like campaign title, brand logo, Ad URL, and more to complete the campaign leading to a flawless digital ad launch. 

That’s not all! releaseMyAd also allows the advertiser to change their advertising campaign if they’re not satisfied with the results after checking the real-time data and live reports which is daily provided by releaseMyAd after the campaign goes live to induce the best out of the digital effort. 

For advertising on ScoopWhoop app just follow the few simple steps as below: 

  1. Click on the link https://m.releasemyad.com/app/scoopwhoop 
  2. Scroll through and check the ad types you wish to pick for your campaign. 
  3. Submit the enquiry by filling up your contact details in order that we are able to reach you and facilitate you to line up the campaign and supply all the main points as per your requirement

 For further enquiries on advertising on ScoopWhoop, drop an email to enquiry@releasemyad.com.