Why You Need To Get Online and Advertise


To put it bluntly, If you’re not online, you’re losing out. We’re not talking personal Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Google Plus accounts- if you’re one of the select few who have somehow managed to evade the inevitable and keep yourself from acquiring a Facebook account, your iron will commands my admiration. For the rest of us, the charms of staring at pictures of salads and sunsets with motivational quotes plastered across them and staying up till 2 am staring at pictures of our neighbours’ sister’s new baby, wondering where our own lives are going are irresistible (I have no scruples whatsoever in outing myself as an inveterate Facebook stalker). But that’s not all social media and the online platform amounts to.

Social-Media-AdvertisingFacebook, Yahoo! and the all-powerful Google all make their money, not from the content and services they offer, but off the wide advertising platform they provide for advertisers looking for a receptive consumer base. In fact, over 80% of Google’s entire revenue comes from Google AdWords, their advertising tool for MNCs and start-ups alike, proving that far being from a fad, internet advertising is actually here to stay.

That said, I wouldn’t suggest firing your entire sales team just yet but it’s definitely a good idea to move some of your marketing strategies online, establish your position in the market and foster brand awareness within your target audience.

But why should I pick online advertising over newspapers/ magazines/ tv/ radio/ cinema screens/ billboards ?
traditional-mediaLet’s picture a scenario here- while drinking your morning cup of tea and wondering blearily when breakfast will be ready, you pick up a newspaper and on your way to the sports/ business/ entertainment/ comics (it’s 8 am, I’ll read all about the economic crisis in XYZ when I’ve had my breakfast) section, you pass an ad for a phone repair store. Your phone is perfectly fine and you don’t need these services, so you browse on merrily, ignoring the ad. Four days later, you’ve somehow managed to drop your phone in the toilet (speaking from personal experience, this is a deeply traumatizing event) and after frantically waving a hairdryer at it, you realize your last hope is to get the afflicted device to a repair store as soon as possible. I could, of course, be wrong but it’s highly unlikely you’ll sit down at this point to browse through the papers to find that one ad you saw maybe a week ( or was it two weeks?) ago. No, you’re going to search online for a repair store in your vicinity and then head down to it, breathing a sigh of relief as they inform you that, it can, in fact, be brought back to the land of the living and that your selfies are not lost forever.

In short (my apologies for the over-complicated anecdote), online advertising offers you a way around the dreaded purchase funnel to skip straight to the end- instead of appealing to a huge group of customers who are probably uninterested in your product, you’re offering it directly to individuals who are actually searching for what you have to offer, at exactly the time they want them, leading to a far more compelling Return on Investment (ROI) for you. Plus, with Google AdWords, you decide when and where you want your ad to turn up, meaning you don’t waste money on pointless clicks which are unlikely to convert. Which brings us us to the final and perhaps, most important advantage on this list-

Google’s AdWords runs on a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Model : to put it simply, you pay only when yours ads are actually working and you’re getting results (traditional advertising platforms require you to pay regardless of whether you receive any results at all).
I don’t have a big budget for advertising, though. Can I still advertise online ?
Definitely. One of the best things about advertising campaigns with Google AdWords is the ability to create and maintain your own budget. Whether you want to spend INR 2000 a month to advertise your local phone repair center or INR 20,00,000 to advertise your top-of-the-line tablet-manufacturing giant, online advertising can help you get clicks from new leads with high conversion probabilities, establish an online presence and (especially with start-ups and small businesses) let people know that you exist and you’re awesome and that they should probably be using your products/ services.

Wait a second. Everyone’s small-budget-advertisingalways so annoyed by those ads- no one actually clicks on them. That’s not going to help me make money.

Actually, a study conducted by Facebook, in partnership with Datalogic, a firm that analyzes the shopping habits of millions of users in the US, states otherwise. Even if individuals don’t actually click on your ads, they’re building fantastic brand awareness. According to Facebook executives, for the first 60 ads they looked at, around 70% of these advertisers actually got as as much as three times their original investment back in profits. I could go on for a few more paragraphs concocting more convoluted analogies for you, but that statistic makes a better (and shorter) argument.

And it’s Pay-per-click, right ? If nobody’s clicking on your ads, you’re not paying for the ad so really, you’re not losing out at all.


Okay, I’m interested. How can I get started/ find out more?

Well, I’m not going to lie. Online advertising can be an intimidating process for the novice- with data collection, management and analysis, actually writing compelling ad copy to entice pr
ospects with and then keeping track of how the ads are doing while monitoring the other aspects of the business, it all adds up to an exhausting, if not supremely confusing combination.online-marketing

Which is exactly where releaseMyAd steps in. Who better to handle your Google AdWords campaign than Google’s Premier SME partner ? (No one, that’s who). Our experts know exactly how to handle any advertising needs you might have and start getting you leads in as few as 48 hours.

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Author Bio: Sukanya Datta Ray is an intern at releaseMyAd.com . She’s studying English at Smith College, USA and during her time with us, has helped us extensively with our AdWords accounts, gaining a lot of insight into the world of online advertising.