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Today business look up to online advertising as the only means to sustain in their competitive market.Advertisers seek for new ways in which they can reach their target audience successfully online.We see that each passing phase brings to us some novel online advertising product that can help us get one step closer to our business objectives.

But,online advertising is not easy.Its like a tool that can work wonders for you only if you know how to use it, lack of knowledge can have a disastrous effect on your campaign.

In the major metro cities(Delhi,Kolkata and Chennai) of India  businesses are aggressively investing in online platforms to promote their business efficiently.Surprisingly,the myth of traditional advertising working for Indians proved wrong.It was overwhelming to see how businesses managed to get the right shot from their campaigns.According to a short research conducted here are some of the interesting facts that we came across:

  • Around 40% of businesses advertise online from which around 85% business resort to an online advertising in Delhi .
  • In Kolkata almost 20% businesses use online advertising as the promotional tool but only 35% are lucky enough to have a successful campaign.
  • Chennaites have leveraged online advertising extensively to expand and grow their business and almost 75% of them resort to leading online advertising agencies in Chennai.
  • The businesses who handled their online advertising campaigns by themselves were seen to have higher cost per lead and lower click through rates in their ad campaigns in comparison to businesses that outsourced their online advertising to expert consultancies.

The ultimate conclusion that we derived from this research is that businesses extensively benefit from the expert service and skills.A little help from these digital marketing agencies helps businesses to get more leads,traffic and lower advertising cost.

An internet advertising agency opens of many avenues to get the perfect the results for businesses.They offer services like:

  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Banner Advertising
  • Email Marketing

These online advertising of Kolkata,Delhi and Chennai works hand in hand with the advertisers to help them choose the right platform within their budget,serving their business objectives.

releaseMyAd is the leading online advertising agency in India.It is Google’s Premiere Partner helping small and medium scale businesses raech their target market in the most cost-effective way.Here are some of the reasons as to why advertisers of Kolkata,Chennai and Bangalore love to advertise with us:

-we love your business growth and online advertising is our passion.We know how to create the perfect magic for every business.

-we do not believe in getting more traffic to advertisers ,we aim at getting qualified leads for advertisers.

-our team loves to know more and more about our clients.We research and get more information than businesses provide to get the perfect master stroke in our online campaigns.

-we communicate the right message across to the right target audience to get the right results

-we provide personal dashboard access to customers

-we book ads online 24*7

-our packages starts from Rs 5000 only

-we guarantee results

We are the best in industry with years of experience.You can get in touch with us via or 09830629298 to get your business growing in the magnificent way.