How to Start an Online Advertising Campaign in India

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Online advertising is a constantly evolving form of advertising. New methods, models, strategies and avenues are being developed every other day. When done right, online advertising can truly transform businesses. There are many different varieties of online marketing, which we shall explore shortly.

In India, the prospect of internet marketing is as high as ever, and is reportedly growing at a rate unmatched by any other nation. The prevalence of smart-phones that enable internet on the go has also contributed to the rise of the prospect and scope of online advertising today. Indian metropolitan cities and cities such as Hyderabad, Nagpur, Pune and Bhopal register the highest number of internet users. Leading online advertising agency, releaseMyAd, offers multiple options within the Online Advertising Spectrum. The different varieties of online advertising are:

  • Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing encompasses two basic features – Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing. Social Media marketing involves interacting and engaging with audiences via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The means employed are a number of posts that are aimed to intrigue, inform and educate the audiences. In Content Marketing, we design blog content for clients.

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  • Google Advertising: Google’s Search and Display Networks have excellent advertising propositions for advertisers. Google’s Search Network, or AdWords, is a Pay per Click program wherein you only have to pay Google a predefined amount when someone’s clicks on your online ad. You have total control over your budget. Google’s Website Display advertising program allows advertisers to display their banners, which can consist of logos, images and animations to pre-defined websites based on the advertiser’s choice. The advertiser needs to pay Google a fixed amount per 1000 such occasions where their banner is displayed.
  • Remarketing: Remarketing is the digital manifestation of reminder marketin
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The fascinating thing about online advertising is that it is rather cost effective if you consider the other media platforms around. Also, advertisers have full access to their campaigns, along with the ability to design and modify it anytime. To start your online advertising campaign now, you can mail releaseMyAd at, or call us on 09038015241.