How to launch an AdWords Campaign


Let’s launch a campaign! If you want to advertise on the internet, and you are nervous about how to do it, then i have a good news to give you. It is this that launching an AdWords campaign is as easy as ABC if not easier. All you need is the desire to have a successful campaign in the first place, the rest is just cakewalk as lond as you are ready to systematically go about it. So, let’s tarry not and get started at once.

  • First things first. Before anything else, we need to sign up on AdWords. We begin with clicking on ‘get started now’. After signing up, we click on the option that says ‘create your first campaign.’
  • After signing up, we choose our campaign type first which is to be ‘search network only’ and then we select our campaign’s name. It is advisable to get rid of the tick-mark beside “Include search partners” though the advertiser is free to alter this.
  • Next, we decide on the geographic area we wish to cover. We may choose just as we like. For this, we click on ‘let me choose..’ and select what suits us best.
  • After this, we decide on the ‘bid strategy’ and give the daily budget. It is advisable to set the default ‘bid strategy’ as ‘I’ll manually set my bids for clicks’. This isn’t mandatory and we may easily shift to automatic settings but keeping this at the beginning helps in understanding the logistics of AdWords. Google cannot charge us more than our specified daily budget.
  • We are free to choose from midst several payment options:Manual Payments let us pay before the ad shows up.Automatic payments methods allow us to pay after the ads are placed and presented whereby the advertiser is charged automatically.Monthly invoicing caters to those businesses that qualify for a Google credit line.It is best to set a daily budget because in case we make some big mistakes, the checking account wont become empty.

automatic payment

  • The “Ad Extensions” category is best addressed last. We click on “Save and continue.”
  • We now come to the part where we create our first ad group, and write our first advert.
  1. The headline ought to have the keyword. It is advisable to mention a benefit in the second line and a feature in the third line.
  2. We must keep in mind that the display URL must be domain identical to the website but the URL need not be the particular landing page that people are taken to.
  3. The destination URL is the last line. It stands for the specific landing page.

  • Now, we have to enter our keywords into the section called keyword field in our account. We zero in on the keywords using the keywords tool and then paste them in.
  • We give our maximum cost-per-click next. Google will let us put in individual bids for every keyword later.We must not forget that with highly priced keywords, we stand a chance to quickly exhaust our budgets.
  • Now is the time to check everything once.
  • Finally, we come to the part where we have to enter the billing information. Our ads get activated once the payment in confirmed.
  • You are ready to go LIVE

Launching an Adwords campaign is always not an easy task. That is where we come in to make online advertising a simple and most effective experience for you .releaseMyAd is Google’s Premiere SME Partner and helps you get the perfect results online. If you have any queries or wish to build your campaign through us you can email us on  or you can even call us on 09830688443.


Author Info :Suchandra Banerjee is an English grad pursuing her masters at present. She is currently interning at releaseMyAd and is thoroughly enjoying her time here given that the work is very exciting and edifying. She hopes to put to use the knowledge she is gaining here later on in her professional life. She is absolutely crazy about travelling and loves to read novels when she isn’t writing for us. She hopes to do at least one-fifth of what her bucket list contains. We wish her all the best with that.