The Pros and Cons of an Inhouse Team and Agency for your Google Adwords Management


When starting a Google AdWords campaign, most users face a host of dilemmas. One such dilemma that haunts new AdWords users is the action of controlling the account. There are a host of agencies with AdWords experts, such as releaseMyAd, who control, advice and optimize clients’ AdWords accounts, while on the other hand, there are certain benefits associated with handling your account on your own. Both of these choices have both pros and cons, and ultimately, you know which aspects matter to you more, and hopefully, you can make a clear choice by the end of this guide.

Weigh out your options


Broadly, there are 3 different ways to manage your PPC account:

  • In House Management
  • Agency
  • Combination of Both (Hybrid)

Careful scrutiny and examination of these individual ways has helped us analyze the merits and demerits of each of the above:

In-House Management




 Critical Understanding of Business

The individuals who work for an organization have the best understanding of how the business works.

 Lack of ExpertiseThere is a high chance that an organization doesn’t have trained PPC personnel at their disposal; and training staff on PPC management requires sizeable funds.

 High Campaign Control

An organization’s own employees have a higher interest in generating success for their organization

Limited Technical Growth

The lack of experienced PPC professionals limits the growth experienced by your in house team.

 Higher expenses

In case you want to hire new PPC professionals to handle your account, keep in mind that you will be adding to the headcount.


Agency Management




Certified Professionals

The agency’s staff will have extensive knowledge of how to successfully run google ad services.


Most agencies handle multiple clients, and account managers often move from handling one account to the other. This means that the account manager will have a considerably lower emotional attachment to the account, compared to a person from your organization.

Lower Cost

 In most cases, hiring an agency is the far more affordable option.


The client has to be unambiguous and specific about their demands.

Secure a number of resourcesAgencies generally have connections in the industry, gaining access to insights that advertisers are often not privy to.

Understanding of your business

Due to the fact that most agencies will not have the knowledge of your exact business model, you might have to invest some time in training them on how to interpret the data.


Hybrid Management

You can also choose to have your own in-house management crew, and additionally choose to hire an agency on a retainer basis for your projects.



Additional Resources

You can have full control of your PPC campaign, with the option of utilizing the insights and overview of the agency.


There might be a number of issues regarding the co-operation of both parties, which ultimately results in the campaign suffering.

A third person view

An external opinion is often valuable for the optimization of your campaign.


As you must have noted from our analysis, each management programme has its set of advantages and disadvantages. You can note down which problems you can deal with, or which advantages won’t actually help you, and decide upon your choice. You can launch your own AdWords Search Network or Display Network campaign from releaseMyAd, and our panel of experts can guide and manage your PPC campaign while providing you with valuable insights. In case you have any further questions, you can mail us at, or call us 09836068426.