releaseMyAd’s Unique Online Advertising Solutions for SMB’s


Small and Medium businesses (SMB’s) unlike their larger business counterparts do not possess the resources to present themselves on a larger scale. They have to catch people’s attention and generate enough buzz in order to be recognised. Since their budget doesn’t ensure a large scale campaign, it is their priority to do everything necessary to make their presence felt.

Selecting an online advertising agency is the first logical option which every SMB must take. Traditional methods of advertising do help launching a brand in a cost effective way but when it comes to the scope and audience age group, online advertising companies are the preferred choice. One such online advertising company which provides effective output is releaseMyAd. It is a no nonsense advertising agency which caters to every kind of business house. For SMB’s it is a perfect tool to launch their brand effectively and cost efficiently. Below are few advertising solutions which help SMB’s is launching their campaigns:

  • Investing in Google Adwords: Google Adwords is a system developed by Google to help in advertising and marketing of a brand through Google’s search engine where a particular text ad appears when a user types a certain word or phrase of their preference. Selecting keywords which are relevant to your product enables greater search ability. releaseMyAd assists SMB’s by providing services such as Keyword planner, Negative keyword detector, Keyword cost estimator. This helps in generating necessary keywords for the business, deciding the negative keywords which can hamper search and deciding the cost of the ad based on the keywords.
  • Social media marketing: Social media marketing is a productive process for launching a campaign through social media. It provides businesses a prospective audience which enables specific targeting of consumers based on the product. releaseMyAd provides social media marketing through commercials on Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Through interesting quotes and informative visual ads, releaseMyAd peaks the interest of consumers which actually help in getting the advertisement noticed. Since social media generates such huge age demography, it is possible for businesses to opt for launching user specific products.
  • PPC (Pay-per-click) ads: releaseMyAd helps businesses prepare an effective PPC campaign.PPC or pay-per-click is basically a marketing process where the advertisers pay a certain amount to the search engine every time their advertisement is clicked. By assisting in the selection of appropriate and relevant keywords, deciding the cost, releaseMyAd makes sure the business gets the best value for their investment. To make a PPC campaign successful it is important to select right keywords, organize them well in the ad campaign, releaseMyAd helps the business in every way. They create relevant and useful campaigns which satisfy the users and this in turn helps in reducing the rates Google charge the business. Thus, enhancing chances of profit.
  • Content marketing: The basic purpose of content marketing is to attract and retain customers by providing them with relevant and valuable content, with the intention of changing or enhancing consumer behaviour. It is a kind of non-interruption marketing where instead of pitching the products and services consumers are provided with content about the product, thus making the user more aware about it. releaseMyAd through its extensive array of Blogs inform potential clients about the brand. The blogs appear on the news section of the client’s website which in turn generates traffic for the client. Blog links appear on social media websites enabling a variety of people to go through the content and know about the product. It helps create a pertinent audience.

Small business houses need to work on a tight budget and can’t enjoy certain liberties. releaseMyAd gives them a chance to be socially relevant and allows them to push their business to new dimensions. For development and assistance in creating an ad campaign please mail us on or give us a call on 09038015241.