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toi-matrimonial-adsThe sacred institution of marriage is of utmost  importance in India.  While  the  general trend  among youngsters now is to marry for love  and  personal  choice,  there are still many families that  put their  complete faith  in the  tradition of  arranged marriage. These wedding  alliances are  mainly fixed by  relatives who  approach the parents  of the  bride or groom with prospective  matches.  Newspapers are another  medium which become  instrumental for  such people  who want to find  suitable matches for themselves or their  children.

releaseMyAd has advertisement booking facilities  in 212 Indian  newspapers,  of which the Times of  India is a national leading daily.  Placing an ad in one of  the leading newspapers of a country can be  quite difficult and booking an ad  in  the extremely busy matrimonial  page is even more challenging. But with  releaseMyAd, posting  matrimonial ads in Times of India is a task that can be accomplished within a matter of minutes, that too online.

Since Times of India is not a local newspaper, its reach is extensive. All types of ads feature in the Times matrimonial section irrespective of age, caste, race, religion and profession.

Two types of matrimonial ads:


Matrimonial ads in the Times of India can be subdivided into two categories- classified texts ads and Times of India Display Ads.

  • Charges for the times classified text ads are levied according to each character and word used. Expenses of such ads are calculated according to the number of sentences used for the content. Therefore these ads are generally not very big.
  • The classified display ads on the other hand are more image centric and Times of India also allows for the insertion of photos of the bride and groom with these ads in order to elicit better responses. Display ads can be either colorful or black and white in tone.

Sample ads for your benefit:

For the ease of clients, releaseMyAd has created some times of india matrimonial ad samples which will give them a better understanding of how to organize their ads. These ads have been specially designed to help clients in designing their own ads.

Ad rates for TOI:

The times of india classified ads booking rates will differ from the rates of the classified display ads as discussed earlier. If you want your ad to stand out and look more visually appealing than the rest of the ads, you should opt for the display ad. You will get to know all the rates included for all kinds of ads in the rate card provided by releaseMyAd on their website.

Sunday- TOI’s crucial day:

wedding-ads-in-toiWeekends generally become the focus day for  matrimonial ads. In the busy weekdays, people do  not have the time or scope to search for matches for  their children as they have to work around the clock.  However, on weekends they can relax and look for  perfect brides or grooms in peace. That is why Times  of India has a special Sunday supplement that  features various matrimonial ads for all kinds of  people.

So if you are planning to make your son or daughter  tie the knot soon, allow releaseMyAd to help you  book ads in the Times matrimonial section so that you discover the perfect match for your loved ones. To book your ad immediately, drop in a mail at Good luck!