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How vital is “keyword” to your website website? For eg:If you have a our online bag store, you need to have a docket of keywords like: leather bags, canvas bags, bags online,etc rather than keywords like leather products, original leather,etc. Having the rich keyword docket is an important task.This requires you to have a good keyword research,which can help you build a strong PPC campaign and a good SEO strategy.

keyword-toolsKeyword Research is one of the most important and valuable activities required to have a successful online campaign to enhance your online visibility.The most difficult and crucial part is ranking up on keywords that are most relevant to your business.By careful detection you can come with a highly compact docket of keywords that helps you beat your market competition by creating novel strategies for your business.In this way you grab can leverage your huge customer base who are looking for you online.By proper keyword research you can precisely know which keywords would work for your SEO or PPC campaign,which keywords would drain out your PPC campaign budget,which keywords should you eliminate to get more results,etc.

Keyword Research not only gets visitors to your site but helps you get the right visitors who are actually looking for your product and can turn out to be your profitable customers. Keyword Research helps your campaign to be volatile to the changing market condition.This way you never miss out on customers nor do you have to struggle for your survival.

keyword-research-toolsThe ReleaseMyAd suite of Keyword Tools is an integrated set of unique keyword tools developed to assist online marketers with keyword searches,keyword suggestions,keyword costs, PPC keyword research and analysis ,negative keyword detection, providing you with services which other keyword tools miss out on.Each Keyword Tool assists online marketers to create and manage their online marketing campaigns enhancing their productivity, relevance,efficiency and results. ReleaseMyAd offers the most synoptic free online keyword tools to optimize your SEO and PPC campaigns. Read as to why our key word tools are the best in class in the market.

Free Keyword Tool by ReleaseMyAd

The Free Keyword  Tool by ReleaseMyAd is the fastest, most accurate, most comprehensive online SEO keyword suggestion tool available. Our tools generates massive amount of unique keywords, exhibiting billions of search queries, and millions of related terms from our various keyword sources. This colossal database empowers us to generate thousands of keywords.Our keyword research tool is completely free.

keyword-niches[dropcap style=’square’]1[/dropcap]Free Keyword Niche Finder

The Free Keyword Niche Finder is an unique and highly useful product which helps you detect profitable niches for our business platform. All you need to do is just enter your product or business category ,you will come across a list  relevant and profitable niche keyword niches for your PPC and SEO campaigns.These keyword niches are basically distilled groups of closely related keywords that can be used to generate traffic to your website by using various online marketing platforms.Read More

[dropcap style=’square’]2[/dropcap]Negative Keyword Toolnegative-research-keyword-tool

ReleaseMyAd’s Negative Keyword Tool helps you in eliminating your reckless PPC campaign spend and enhances your campaign results by preventing your Ads from appearing on irrelevant keywords.To use this tool all you need to do is enter a relevant term related to your business,a list of keywords are generated along with your term.You
need to review and choose which of these keywords are irrelevant or relevant for you and share it via email.You have a rich docket of relevant as well as negatives which can give your can give your campaign the much required boost.Read More

keyword-costs[dropcap style=’square’]3[/dropcap]Free Keyword Cost Estimator

ReleaseMyAd’s Keyword Cost Estimator assists businesses to have a framework of their campaign spend.It provides information regarding which categories are popular for a business category and whats their CPC. It helps you in allocating requisite budget to your campaign and also helps you optimize your account.It not only provides you CPC but also generates a docket of related keywords ,which you can share via email.Read More

[box style=’success’]SEO Keyword Tools

  • ReleaseMyAd’s Free Keyword Research Tool is a an excellent suite for SEO campaigns which aids you to research, analyse ,organise and import your required type of keyword docket. It helps you build a novel strategy to show up on search  results for your related product searches.Unlike other keyword tools ReleaseMyAd tools offer:
    • Better Access to your business related keyword database.So you know which areas you need to target on to beat your competition in online visibility.
    • Exclusive data which is almost impossible to get through manual effort and research.You get an array of keywords through which your customer searching for you.
    • Well organised and structured data which does not need further refining. You can easily promote your site through different SEO strategies.
    • Data can be easily shared via email and you can use it in future too. People query type for products does not change so the data can always be used.


[box style=’success’]PPC Keyword Tools

ReleaseMyAd is PPC advertising agency which helps businesses to create,analyse and optimise their PPC campaign on Google,Yahoo and Bing.So we exactly know the pain points of a PPC Campaign creation therefore we came up with a set of really useful tools that saves your effort and time. Our PPC tools like Keyword Niche Finder,Keyword Cost Estimator and Negative Keyword Finder helps you in building a great PPC campaign which will enhance your visibility,sales, revenue and customer base.  ReleaseMyAd PPC Tools offers you:

  • Novel Ideas to build campaign.You get niches which you can focus on and can have excellent result driven campaigns.
  • Rich Docket of keywords  which saves your time and effort of researching for keywords.
  • List of Negative Keywords is generated which helps you save your Ad spend from being recklessly draining out on irrelevant searches.
  • Accurate Data for Free in few seconds.You are not required to put extra effort to clean the data provided to you.[/box]

ReleaseMyAd is a renowned online marketing agency and therefore exactly knows how to get success through online campaigns. If you are doing online advertising campaigns through yourself or agency try to use our exclusive tools to optimize your campaigns.. You can contact us for assistance on 8697372937  or email on to seek suggestions .