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Every Business major focus is growth, they always look forward to enhancing their customer count, sales and revenue.These objectives can only be achieved if you reach out to a greater customer base than your competitors.You are required to track down your competitors, create strategies better than them or promote yourself in a unique platform that your they have missed out on. In this competitive market field when all businesses require market expansion and penetration Google Adwords serves as the apt platform to be get your brand going.

The major reason why most businesses resist to the idea of adwords is because they guess it to be expensive.People have very little knowledge of adwords advertising spend.ReleaseMyAd is an advertising agency with the basic mission of promoting small and medium enterprises on various mediums.We understand our clients dilemmas and have come up with a unique tool,which would give our potential clients an estimate of how much they are required to spend on adwords to get visibility.We wish to make the entire concept of Google Adwords cost simple for all potential advertisers so that they can shed their expenditure fear and grasp this huge opportunity .

[box style=’info’]What is CPC?

It is the actual price that you are required to pay when a person clicks on your Ad.A click on a Ad represents the attention that you have grabbed and convinced the person that you are a solution to his search query.It depends on the bid made on the keywords. The bid varies from incost-per-clickdividual to individual. It depends upon 2 major factors: –

  •  Competitors Ad Rank
  • Your Ad Relevancy i.e Quality Score.

Importance of Cost per Click

  • Helps you determine cost per customer.
  • Gives you an estimate how much potential customers you can draw to your website for a particular budget.
  • You can roughly estimate your Adwords expenditure and can draft a goal of desired number of visitors that you wish to drive to your website.
  • Having the keyword cost allows you to optimise your account by controlling your bids and enhancing your quality score.[/box]

On knowing the cost per keyword, you can estimate how much would be the cost per lead. Getting leads is the main purposes of an AdWords campaign but it is only worth it if we cannot control our costs. It would be useless for you to spend recklessly to appear in Google Search Pages. Having an automated cost estimator tool solves the dilemma, you get instant solution and framework to strategize your online campaign .

Nowadays its very easy to find a tool,which can provide you the exact rates for keywords as determined by Google.All these tool might have certain variations but the information provided by them in reliable and fast. So,it get easier to use these tools to formulate

You won’t have much trouble finding such a tool online. These tools take all the relevant factors into account which Google uses to determine the price of a keyword. Thus, the estimate the keyword cost tool provides you is reliable to a large extent. If you feel some important keywords are proving to be expensive for your budget, you can pick these keywords for your campaign and can sort ways to control it.

[box style=’info’] Keyword Cost Estimator provides solution to the most vital dilemma i.e- “How much does a single lead cost?”CPA tells you the amount you are expected to spend to get an interested customer to click on your Ad. It tells  you how much it takes to get one visitor converting into a profitable lead.Try using our unique Keyword Cost Estimator and get a definite framework of your PPC campaign spend.

cost-per-clickThe tool is proficient enough to give even a layman a perfect estimate of how much he is required to spend on his campaign keywords to draw traffic to his website.The cost of keywords is determined by the searches made and you need to bid on these keywords to win over your Ad placement in the top ranks of the searches pages.In order to have a strong campaign you are required to have highly relevant and specific docket of keywords, you need to choose keywords that are relatively less competitive and economical. To strategize your adwords campaign its unhealthy to compromise on high CPC keywords with large searches.Your campaign and keyword relevancy enhances your Quality Score and paves you to top ranks for searches in comparison to high bidding competitors.[/box]

How does Keyword Cost Estimator help you?

  • adwords-toolIt expands and refines your reach – You get to list of new keywords with its relative cost and enabling you to improve  the distribution of your PPC campaign budget substantially.
  • It helps to optimize your budgetIt provides  you with the most competitive keywords and its value,helping you t
    o allocate your budget for requisite keywords .
  • It enhances your quality score –It assists you to  keep your Ad relevancy at bay so helping you to optimize your bid,getting you cost-efficient clicks and high probability of  conversion.
  • It perfectly filters and sorts relevant keywords – It helps you to refine your database to get perfectly relevant keywords to suit your business needs.
  • It is time saving –The tool saves loads of your time providing you with exclusively unique opportunities in your business domain.
  • It is totally Free-The tool has excellent features and is absolutely free.

How to use the Keyword Cost Estimator?

1)Enter Target Location and your product or business category or keyword-You can choose to get the cost estimate for the specified terms or other relevant expanded terms.


2)Get the average monthly searches and CPC for the specified term.

(Average Monthly Searches: It refers to aggregate number of people who are searching on Google with these particular terms.)



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