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PPC advertising agency

PPC Advertising has become  a  vital tool to the growth of  businesses in today’s competitive arena.With changing market conditions today most of your customers are looking for your products and services online. So, there is no scope for businesses to miss this huge opportunity. Moreover this being a cost effective platform is very attractive arena to attract your customers.As you only pay for results i.e only when people click on your Ad . It is strong foothold and key which leads to the success of the organisational objectives.

ppc-ads-advantageBut most of the business are resistant to starting their marketing campaigns by themselves,this is because they have very limited knowledge and expertise to implement it .They are lost as to how , where from should they begin from and what would be the expenditure to do so.In fact self-help without knowledge and skills turns out to be dangerous.

Some believe in focusing on their business and outsourcing their marketing needs to experts to get better results. This is so because PPC campaign require proper optimization and management to get results.It also requires a lot of effort to get a refined and fruitful campaign.It is truly challenging, and at many times it is not practical to spend your precious time away from the day-to-day operation of your business. PPC campaign is truly not an easy task.

Why should you hire a PPC advertising agency?

Your Time is Precious.Save it for your business.

Any business owner is required to make most of his time. Its obvious that you are well versed with your target audience but if you are planning for a PPC campaign you require to be really well versed in implementing these campaigns to yields results. Be it advertising in Google,Yahoo or Bing its not an easy task. Through a specialized online advertising  agency, you get dedicated professional who can help you meet your objectives at the shortest span of time.So you require to do what you are good at and leave the rest of your online campaign objectives with the agency.

Focus on objective.

When you are involved in your business day in and day out, you may miss out on important elements that is very vital for influencing the perception of customers regarding the product.For eg: A Google Advertising agency comprehends your needs completely   and then applies their skills  to develop your online presence to resonate throughout all facets of your business. Their assistance contributes to effectiveness of your PPC advertising advertising plan to help you meet your objectives.

Specialized  Expert Service

Online Advertising is a crucial business activity  which requires professional courtesies to utilize the platform  to your advantage. The services offered by online advertising agency :


  • Dedicated Account Relationship Manager
  • Account Review and Global Setting
  • Keyword Research
  • Text Ad Optimization
  • Hyper-Targeting
  • Campaign Level Reporting
  • Click & Conversion Tracking
  • Google Search and Display Networks
  • Monthly Calls and Reporting
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Manual Bid Management
  • Manual Phone Tracking

Hiring an PPC advertising agency can be the most simple way to accomplish your business goals of establishing a consistent online visibility for your product or services,increasing your customer base and sales. Have no fear,PPC advertising agencies help you to pull everything together to help you build and maintain cohesive, well-thought-out campaigns. The campaigns created by digital marketing agencies are excellently executed to help you to reach out to your potential customers.

ReleaseMyAd is the leading PPC advertising agency which helps businesses of different categories to leverage the power of online market.ReleaseMyAd helps you:

  • Get More customers.

We are a one stop PPC advertising solution to help you get more new customers, website visitors and retain old one’s.

  • Reach the audience right audience.

We place your Ads for the right searches, helping you to get found by people who are searching specifically for what you offer. So you do not get pointless clicks from uninterested visitors.We can also help you hyper target your audience.

  • Pay only for results.

You can choose to advertise with any budget . Whatever be your budget, we find advertising solutions that work for you. You pay only for the clicks that your ads get i.e when your ads are working.

  •  Get transparency in your Ad performance

Campaigns with us are measurable and accountable, we help you track your ad’s performance i.e how many visitors have seen your ad, how many click on your ad has bagged and your ad’s conversion rates.

  • Control your ad campaign

We let start, pause or stop your campaign whenever you wish to. Want to optimise your Ad? No problem,we provide your PPC Ads, your way.


Once you sign up, our expert team will guide you through the entire process to make sure your PPC advertising experience is the best possible- a campaign is, after all, a collaborative process and we like to keep our client in the loop. If you wish to begin your PPC campaigns ,releaseMyAd definitely would be your right choice.You can schedule your appointment with us by calling us on 8697372937 or emailing your needs at