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Display Property Ad in Bengali in Bari Bazar

Anandabazar Patrika is the most highly circulated regional language newspaper across India. It is published in Bengali yet it has the highest circulation in the country among all other regional language newspapers. This particular publication group has earned a huge name for itself since its inception and has now taken over many renowned news brands including the popular news channel ‘Star News’.

The ABP group has never stopped growing and is still the number one preference of all advertisers across West Bengal, mainly Kolkata. Be it personal ads or be it commercial or business advertisements, Anandabazar Patrika, due to its high readership and circulation, becomes the first choice for advertisers.

One of its most popular Classified Pullout is Bari Bazar, which is meant for only Anandabazar Patrika property ads. This special pullout was launched in to cater to classified property advertisers from across the state of West Bengal. Although an Anandabazar Patrika Classified Property ad can be published on any day of the week, the classified pullout Bari Bazar is published only on Saturdays, i.e. is on a weekly basis. There are certain benefits of the property special pullout of ABP which are promptly listed below:

 Benefits of a Property Special Supplement by Anandabazar Patrika

Classified Display Property Ad in Bengali
  • A specific focus day was chosen for Bari Bazar to target a specific set of audience. Readers who are aware of this pullout being published every Saturday and are genuinely interested in any kind of property deal can easily contact the advertiser.
  • Getting your ad released on a focus day ensures much more relevant responses than getting it published on any other day of the week. Bringing the buyer and the seller or the owner and tenant on a common platform on a specific day, was the main aim of launching this property special pullout.
  • The speciality of this pullout is that it is meant categorically for classified advertisers, whereas most other pullouts enable publishing only Display ads. Bari Bazar also allows Display property ads to be published in it but it mainly focuses on classified property ads. This also ensures that individual advertisers can easily get the share of attention directed towards their property requirements.
  • This particular pullout is circulated across the entire state of West Bengal and covers the following regions-24 Parganas (North & South), Bardhaman, Birbhum, Hooghly, Howrah, Medinipur, Murshidabad, Nadia, Purulia and of course Kolkata. This ensures that the newspaper pullout covers the capital of West Bengal and all its surrounding areas which shows its extensive reach across the state
  • Another advantage of publishing your classified property ad in Bari Bazar is that it enables you to compose your ad in Bengali as well as English. You can either compose your ad in Bengali or English online itself or you can opt for the complimentary Language Translation option which will be done in by the publication itself.
Classified Text Ad in Property Section of ABP-Bari Bazar

Now all these benefits are available on India’s most prevalent and popular online newspaper ads booking or We are also available on chat and phone on the number 09830629298. For direct answers for your queries on ABP property ads, you can visit our FAQ Section of ABP Property Ads as well.