Remembering our First Hero-Death Anniversary Message for Father!

Death Anniversary message for Father

“I pressed my father’s hand and told him I would protect his grave with my life. My father smiled and passed away to the spirit land” -Chief Joseph

Display Death Anniversary Message for Father in newspaper

It is human nature to not realize the worth of something or someone until we have lost them. This stands absolutely true in case of our parents. We do not realize what they meant to us, what they did for us and what they sacrificed for us and how they protected us only to make us what we are today, so that not only them but also we can be proud of ourselves and value their contribution.

We always take our parents for granted, especially our father! We think it our right to take support from him monetarily and safety wise, we think it is his duty to spend money for us, work night and day for us, protect us and make us happy by providing us with all the luxuries in the world. But that’s not really the case as he does all this for us because he loves us unconditionally. He wants the best for us and wants to give us the best, the things that probably he didn’t get during his childhood.

We realize the value of all this only when we lose him to the harshest reality of life or rather after life-Death! After reality hits us with its worst shot, we decide upon dedicating a death anniversary message for father. At such sensitive moments the least you can do is to commemorate his death and express the fact that you miss him dearly. People often wonder how, where and through which medium can they best deliver their messages for death anniversary.

Best Medium to deliver Death Anniversary Message for Father

Though there are various mediums through which people dedicate death anniversary messages, but the oldest and most common platform for expressing your thoughts about the departure of a close loved one is a Newspaper. Newspapers have always been the first choice of Obituary Advertisers, especially across India. Any other medium for any death anniversary message seems to be redundant to almost all Indians, irrespective of their age group. Have you ever seen a message for death anniversary on television or heard one on the radio?

Surely you haven’t!

A newspaper death anniversary message for father published every year commemorating his death, can become the best gift you can dedicate to your beloved father’s soul and keep him alive in your memories forever. There are multiple reasons behind choosing newspapers for such tributes over other media platforms, which are enlisted below.

8 Reasons to Publish Death Anniversary Messages in a Newspaper

Know why most people choose Newspapers for ads for death anniversary and also why you should opt for Newspapers for a death anniversary message for father:

Memories of a Father Recorded in Death Anniversary Messages
  • Newspapers have a really long shelf life and people can preserve them for years to come as a memento dedicated in the name of the deceased father
  • Newspapers are the cheapest medium for a personal ad like a death anniversary invitation for a close family member
  • Newspapers tend to have a very focussed audience within a specific region which ensures that your message reaches the right people
  • The chances of irrelevant audiences is eliminated with death anniversary newspaper ads since you can pick and choose the locations you intend to target
  • Also the chances of your ad being missed by the right audiences is reduced immensely as people surely refer to a newspaper as it is a daily necessity in most households
  • Newspapers are always chronicled which ensures that anyone can find out about your legacy and ancestors through these newspaper messages
  • Also you can very well treat a newspaper death anniversary message as a formal invitation for a reunion of all family members and friends to commemorate the anniversary of your father’s death day
  • With newspapers you can decide where to and where not to deliver your personalized message showing tribute to your father as you can choose to advertise in a national or a regional newspaper as per your preference

Hope these are sufficient reasons for you to choose only newspapers for a death anniversary message for father. For more help and assistance with delivering your messages through newspapers, please email us at or If you wish you can even call is on 09830629298 or chat with us through the Live Chat facility on our origin-of-newspaper-advertisingObituary FAQ section.