How effective is advertising in regional newspapers for retail purposes?

A Retail Shop in an Indian Locality

As per the current market trend, where the retail sector is booming with options for investment, it is a tough fight for existence in the retail sector. Advertising plays a pivotal role in amending the loop holes in marketing techniques.  In order to create a unique brand identity it is essential for every retail company to advertise either on a small, medium or large scale depending on their investment capability. Newspaper advertisement is the most cost-effective mode of traditional advertising for retailers. It is not only cheaper than other options; it also has maximum impact due to easy accessibility both in the urban and rural markets.

Retail Classified Display Ads in Newspapers

In order to cater to a niche sector of consumers it is essential to promote your product to the right audience. Some of the points you need to consider for effective retail advertising in Newspapers are listed below.

  • Newspapers can help build brand awareness if the advertiser can identify the regional base that will respond to his product line.  Here in, vernacular newspapers play a quintessential role.

For Instance if a retail vendor wants to advertise to all age groups newspaper is the apt medium, as it is not necessary that the entire family views the same television channels or the same shows but a newspaper that is purchased in a family is flipped through by the entire family.

  •  In the present advertising scenario for retail sector, print advertisement is more impactful as it helps you to promote your seasonal discounts and offers on individual items with images to lure new as well as existing customers.



Display Retail advertisement in regional newspapers

To cite an example, The Telegraph may have the widest circulation in West Bengal but if a retailer seeks to establish a consumer base in the suburban areas of Bengal he will have to advertise in vernacular newspapers like Anandabazar Patrika, Ei Somoy, Ekdin etc will garner maximum viewers.  Similarly, to create consumer awareness in Andhra Pradesh a retailer can get maximum viewership of his ad by advertising in Telegu newspapers like Eenadu and Sakshi.  If you are interested in creating an impact on the home makers in Kerela, advertising in newspapers like Malayala Manorama and Matrubhumi will attract maximum consumers.

Hence, regional newspaper plays an effective role in acquiring a fair share of customers through advertising


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